Tribeca - Limited and Handcrafted

In addition to the newly interpreted TRIBECA New York line, the label launches for the first time a completely newly designed high-end collection: TRIBECA Limited & Handcrafted. Each piece in this collection is unique: made with passion, lavishly refined, and numbered individually. Each is one of a kind.

The New York designers used for the premium line only 100% Japanese denim in brand-new and innovative qualities – like cuddly Japanese cashmere denim, pliant Japanese lyocell denim or classic Japanese selvedge. The same is true for the unique vintage-, used- and rinse- washes – every jean is a limited single copy in a perfect used look. Each piece is refined and finished in numerous production steps until it’s just perfect. Each detail, each stitch, each embroidery needs to be exactly like the designers imagined it.

Cuts like relaxed fit, super slim, or, the new boyfriend style are of excellent qualities and have that certain something like leather trimmings, selvedge-details, and extraordinary darts, that make every model of the women’s line a special must have.

The TRIBECA Limited & Handcrafted men’s collection stands for qualified handcraft and technical perfection. Whatever you chose, 13 or 13.75 oz. Japanese denim, black selvedge, blue mélange, slender or regular fit, every jean with its authentic vintage look is a statement – not the least because of the individual grafts, ranging from tough leather details to elaborate weft- and selvedge-features.

This is a collection for the true and passionate denim head. I am totally in awe about every single item from this special collection.

Tribeca - Limited and Handcrafted

Tribeca - Limited and Handcrafted

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