Wrangler Australia S/S '14 Ad Campaign

So here’s the Wrangler Australia S/S ’14 Ad Campaign! Remember when we start our winter, they start their summer. And I want to move to Australia for the next few months. πŸ˜‰

Wrangler has just released their Spring Summer 2014 Campaign yesterday, featuring Benedict Samuel and Valerija Erokhina. The photographer, Darren McDonald and the stylist, Elle Packham, recreate the nostalgia of the epic Australian summer. A time when cameras had film. And finding the perfect spot for the caravan was all there was to worry about. Oh wow, a camera with film….good memories of those times!

About the WRANGLER S/S14 – lookbook to be posted here soon:

Spring is here and nostalgia is in the air. Once again, Wrangler stamps its claim on classic 70’s styling with a modern take that only the current day can bring.

Wrangler Australia S/S '14 Ad Campaign Wrangler Australia S/S '14 Ad Campaign

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