Bangladesh Denim Expo

Bangladesh is the world’s 2nd largest apparel exporter, 2nd largest exporter of denim to the European markets and 3rd largest exporter of denim to the USA. Now, it is holding its own international denim trade show, the Bangladesh Denim EXPO, which will take place November 11-12, 2014 at the Radisson Blu Water Hotel in Dhaka. The exhibition will be a one-stop innovative sourcing platform in Bangladesh for the global denim industry.

The trade show plans to celebrate and explore the world of denim. It’s an exclusive event open only for authorized trade visitors. Here, selective vendors can network, build contacts and meet others involved in the denim industry. Companies involved in sustainable solutions will also be present and providing advice for protecting people and our planet. Seminars will focus on exciting new denim trends, finishes and the latest washes. Various workshops will be offered with attendee participation.

The Bangladesh Denim Expo was designed to be eco-friendly and aims to make everyone that attends aware about the sustainability of our environment. They are making their eco-friendly booths from renewable, recycled and sustainable material. Trade shows attract a large number of attendees, so this allows the EXPO to spread the word about Bangladesh denim products and services, while demonstrating their commitment to our environment. Moreover, EXPO organizers tried to green up the entire exhibition plan to be a guide to their goals of going green.

For me, the most interesting and noble part of the Bangladesh Denim EXPO is the fact that it has been organized by Mostafiz Uddin, the Managing Director of Denim Expert Ltd., on a NON-PROFIT basis. Mr. Uddin’s main objective is to grow the development of the denim industry globally and is foregoing profit as the basis of holding the EXPO.

I see this EXPO as a great opportunity for many in the denim industry and encourage everyone to take a look at how this international denim EXPO could benefit their business.

Bangladesh Denim Expo Booths