Cult of Individuality Future Vintage Project

Launching October 1st, The Future Vintage Project will engage a group of hand-selected individuals in the brand’s first-ever raw denim challenge. Each participant will vie for a prize of a $1000 credit and will also have their look produced, and be able to name the line.

Each participant will commit to wearing a pair of Cult’s raw denim for 7 consecutive months while documenting the effects that their individual lifestyles and activities have on their jeans. Without hand or machine washing, each passing day helps to create a unique and natural fade, wear and “whiskering” effect, reflecting the individual lifestyle of its host. To keep things interesting, monthly challenges will be issued to the participants that are sure to impact the overall finish of the jeans.

Throughout the process of breaking in their raw denim, the participants will document the progress with photos via social media that will be tracked with the #CultFutureVintage hashtag in addition to the contest’s home on Cult’s blog, The Uncommon Thread.

The Future Vintage Project will conclude on May 1st, 2015 will allow the participants to finally wash their jeans, revealing the finished product. They will post images of the final product, along with its name for Cult’s fans to vote on.

The winner’s wash will earn a limited time place in Cult’s product line, and earn the wearer a $1000 credit.

Click to register here, and here for more information.

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