DSTLD Mid Rise Second Skinny Legging in Forever Black Review

Hey everyone, Lana here again! As we move closer to the fall months, I’m sure most of us are turning to our darker denim…probably our skinny jeans, to be specific. But to me, no matter what the season, the classic black skinny jean is a must in every fashion-forward lady’s wardrobe! We all know black goes with anything, and it’s highly versatile…and slimming! I have a pair or two already in my closet, but I only wear them on special occasions, because I, like I’m sure many others out there, live in fear of washing them! The last thing I want is my beautiful jet-black skinny jeans turning into a washed out charcoal. I have nothing against charcoal of course, but black does have a tendency to fade, and nobody wants to buy a new pair of black jeans every few months or so. Fortunately, some denim brands are listening in on this concern, the two I know being Level 99 and DSTLD. I got to try this new technology with the latter of those two brands, so here is a DSTLD Mid Rise Second Skinny Legging in Forever Black review!

DSTLD resides in the Los Angeles premium denim world, but without the high price tag. The brand states, “we all benefit from the absence of the unnecessary” and values “fewer, better things.” DSTLD presents a cleaner, streamlined asthetic, with “a steady focus on what is most desirable, essential, and simple.” DSTLD is pronounced “distilled”…as in removing impurities, leaving behind a clean, refined product! In a world of highly-competitive denim brands, sometimes less is definitely more. This brand doesn’t at all skimp on innovation, flattering fits, and quality fabric sources which are the same as many higher-priced brands use! DSTLD also believe in ethical fashion practices, carefully screening all suppliers, factories and laundries to make sure every step in the process is 100% sweatshop free. I am also excited to know that this is another brand that understands the importance of eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics, as well as natural dyes and softening techniques. One of the reasons such quality can be available at a lower price point is because DSTLD eliminated the middleman, valuing their more direct relationship to the denim lover—you! They also eliminate the fear of buying jeans online by allowing shoppers to try their jeans at home 100% risk free, with free shipping and returns. Again, with the market being so difficult, staying competitive means back to basics, and what would the basics be without the consumer’s needs in mind?

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I got the DSTLD Mid Rise Second Skinny Legging in Forever Black in my usual size of 26. I almost sized down to a 25 because these are supposed to be super stretchy! They certainly are, but actually they stretched right out to my size with zero resistance…when they came in they looked so tiny! I couldn’t believe how incredibly soft they are, as the brand promises. At 50% polyester, 46% modal and 4% spandex, the stretch factor was pretty impressive. I wore them for about three days, and they didn’t stretch out, always snapping right back to the shape they were in when they first arrived. Fit wise, I honestly have no real criticism. They are a mid rise, as stated in the name, with an 8” front rise and a 28” inseam. They really hug without being tight, and since they are so stretchy, they form to my body shape perfectly without ever budging or bunching up anywhere! Oftentimes with super soft jeans, I still have to pull them up throughout the day because of the lack of friction. DSTLD nailed it with these. I really love how sleek these are! The front “pockets” are sewn shut, which I always like in a pair of skinny jeans because I never use the pockets anyway, and sometimes it can be annoying to always tuck them back in after a potty break or worry about the bulk. These are a true, classic, high quality pair of leggings, with no brand indication or embellishments at all on the outside. Even the labels inside are minimal! I know I will enjoy these for a long, long time, and cannot wait to wear them in winter under some oversized, comfy long sweaters or tunics, with my tall boots that have been collecting dust all summer!

If you are looking for premium quality without the high price tag, I really, really suggest DSTLD! These jeans retail for about $65 to $85 or so and they feel like they cost a lot, lot more. The DSTLD Mid Rise Second Skinny Legging in Forever Black is an amazing choice for a classic skinny jean or legging. The versatility, quality, feel, incredible fit and anti-fade technology should prove this brand’s longevity in the denim market…they certainly have at least one new fan: me!

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