Gwen Stefani in Straight Leg Ripped Jeans

Give Kanye back his kicks!

Gwen Stefani brought along son Apollo to her acupuncture appointment in L.A., and the singer almost took the attention off her little cutie with those big red Timberlands. We normally love her look, but she went a little too far this time!

Also, her jeans this time didn’t really rock. They are a straight leg, too long to be tucked into these Timberlands. The whole look is quite dis-proportional! Hey Gwen, is your stylist on vacation?

These jeans would look so much better worn with some high heels or even platforms. The wash and fit are edgy and cool. Also, a more fitted top would make Gwen look more proportional. So this is a very good example for us to see, once more, how not to wear jeans!

You can purchase similar straight leg jeans here.

Gwen Stefani in Straight Leg Ripped Jeans