Henry & Belle Lila Straight Jeans in Mason Selvage Review

Selvage is still a pretty new thing for women but is gaining in popularity as it becomes more and more comfortable. Today companies have started using stretch selvage fabrics that can be crafted into the sexy slim fits that we girls like so much. Henry & Belle Lila Straight in Mason is a perfect example of this new type of selvage; I absolutely adore it and I’m sure you will too.

The Mason wash is simply awesome and is in fact one of my favorite indigo washes amongst all of my blue jeans. I love its green-ish cast that gives the denim a naturally aged vintage feel. The ripped and repaired and ripped again areas of distressing on both knees look very authentic and realistically worn-in making them much cooler and edgier than other destroyed styles that can sometimes come across as rather contrived. Besides just being beautiful Mason is an ideal wash for the whole selvage concept that takes us back to the old-school shuttle looms when denim was a workwear fabric and not fashion. I really like how the red and white ticker on the side seams and top of the coin pocket pops on the dark indigo background – you definitely won’t miss it!

The previous pair of Henry & Belle jeans I reviewed for you was the Super Skinny in White Marble and I must say I was very impressed. The Lila is a completely different fit but is just as excellent! It is very slim on the top starting from the comfy contoured waistband through the hip and thigh to the just below the knee. After that point the leg stops its taper and goes into a roomy 14.5” leg opening. Such slight slouchiness gives these jeans a relaxed, laid-back vibe that almost suggests cuffing – so perfect considering we are talking about selvage here! Lila’s inseam is quite long (34”) which enables you to experiment with different types of cuffs from a narrow roll to an extra wide 4”-5” fold-over even if you are pretty tall. Conversely if you are not necessarily of model height it won’t cause any inconvenience as again this jean is supposed to be worn cuffed.

Like I mentioned before this selvage denim is not rigid. The 10% elasterell-p added to the traditional cotton gives the fabric a nice elasticity without too much stretch. Though it’s not exactly as stretchy as we may be used to in a slim fit, it has enough “give” for you to be comfortable. Additionally this denim has an incredible hand feel that you will also love!

Size wise this Selvage Lila seems to run true to size. Just consider that its fabric has fairly low elasticity so when you put them on for the first time they may feel a little tight. However they’ll stretch out a bit in about 10-15 minutes molding exactly to the shape of your body and you will forget that they were ever snug. That’s exactly what happened with my usual size 24 and now they are super comfy.

Girls, if you haven’t gotten a pair of selvage yet the Henry & Belle Lila Straight Jeans in Mason Selvage are the perfect ones to start with! And if you are already a few selvage’s deep they will be an amazing piece to add to your collection.

Henry & Belle Lila Straight in Mason Selvage Jeans are available here.

Top: Karen Millen //shoes: Charles David //jewelry: Kristall //watch: GUCCI //sunglasses: Balmain

Henry & Belle Lila Straight Jeans in Mason Selvage Review

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