Introducing: DULAC an Internet Only Denim Brand

Dulac Jeans is launching its selvedge denim line through Kickstarter this month. Rather than building its collection around different washes, Dulac lets the denim speak for itself. The jeans come in a raw state – the one that has not been wet processed and distressed. The rich indigo tones promise to turn to whiskered nuances over the lifetime of the denim, creating a garment that is uniquely yours.

Dulac jeans are available in two fits — slim or straight — and in a range of attractive denim options. This includes selvedge denim from some of the finest mills in Japan. Built for the true denim connoisseur, Dulac’s jeans feature a saddle leather patch, antique copper buttons, chain stitched hems and a selvedge coin pocket.

Dulac Jeans won’t be available in stores. To keep the products accessible to most indigo carving enthusiasts, the guys over at Dulac are bypassing the retailers and offering you everything they make at wholesale prices. Starting at only $85 a pair, Dulac customers get one the biggest bang for their bucks on raw jeans today.

Get yours here.

Introducing: DULAC an Internet Only Denim Brand


  1. This brand looks to be an outright scam. Their Kickstarter page and website steal copy and images from Corter, Tanner, Gustin and likely more brands. They’re also sending unsolicited e-mails to people who have interacted with Gustin on Facebook. Incredibly shady.

  2. Dulac sells Tanner Goods products and, as such, uses their image. We do not use materials from Gustin and Corter. You’re clearly a desperate Gustin fanboy.

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