!iTEM® Fall/Winter '14 Men's Lookbook

!iTEM is a Understated Modern Forward Collective.

As Charlie Chung, one of the founders and creators of !item tells us (the others are John Rossell and Chris Hapner):

-“!iTEM represents a lifestyle of the young and creative. Embracing the urban landscape, we believe in the soul of a city and the heart of the youth. !iTEM is designed and made in the U.S.A – denim is our lifeblood. Modern Forward.

Our fall/winter 2014 inspiration:

• Picasso’s Blue Period
• Mad Max

Color Theme and Washes:

• Continuation of Raw Indigo
• Variations and Treatments of Blues. Indigo washes in different stages of wear. From True Blue, a raw Blue Selvage naturally rich blue to a Resin treated Indigo 6 months, and a rich Ink Brown 6.
• Variations of Black. From a Raw Black (Kaihara) to Black Over Black (Garment Dip Dyed) to a Oil Stained Black.
• Modern tonal monochromatic color works – blues over blues and blacks over blacks, grays over blacks, etc.


• Cone Blue Selvage
• Candiani
• Kaihara
• Nishinbo
• Self Piece Coated Fabrication


• 322 ARC SLIM – The 322 ARC SLIM is an engineered denim statement. It features a narrower shape with structural and torque seams. This is a masterpiece of modern design and details.
• 303 SUPER SKINNY – The 303 Skinny is a rocker skinny that sits slightly low. It is fitted all the way through the hip and thigh with a narrow leg opening. Most 303s are made from Power Stretch Denim.”-

Wow, power stretch for men – way to go. You dudes need to try this one. I know, many of you believe that stretch is “something only for women”….! Maybe it once was, a long time ago. But, nowadays, it is a total MUST for the guys as well. Try it and you’ll love it!

You can purchase !item jeans here.

!iTEM® Fall/Winter '14 Men's Lookbook !iTEM® Fall/Winter '14 Men's Lookbook