J Brand 8017 Close Cut Remy Jeans in Transmission Review

I don’t think I’ve worn a boot-cut since 2009. It went from being one of my favorite fits 5 years ago to almost completely forgotten. However this post is not about my nostalgic memories but about the boot-cut of today and its very strong comeback after being dormant for quite a while. A great example of a modern boot-cut is the Remy, a new killer fit by J Brand created specifically for the Fall ’14 line.

The timing couldn’t be any better as Fall is obviously the perfect season to rock-out a boot-cut jean. Worn with a short peacoat or knee length trench with a pointy-toe shoe will make you look incredibly chic. The dark, asphalt grey Transmission wash that my Remy is in also plays into this classy and sophisticated image. Generally it’s an incredibly versatile wash that is very easy to outfit and thanks to its undeniable elegance is appropriate for various settings and occasions.

Though the boot-cut has made a comeback it isn’t the same as before (and don’t even think about finding your old jeans – they shouldn’t even be in your closet anymore). J Brand did an excellent job reinventing and reinterpreting this old-school fit to make it ultra modern. With the break starting lower at the calf the silhouette is slim and long. The addition of a high-rise with the waistband hitting at your natural waist elongates even more to create a slender and lean body frame. The inseam here is 34” and works well for my 5’7” height + a pair of heels without any alterations. However if you do need to shorten these jeans it won’t be the end of the world as it is a very slim “boot” and getting rid of an inch or two won’t change the silhouette much.

The Remy in Transmission is done in the Close Cut denim, one of the latest innovations in the J Brand line. The name of the fabric speaks for itself – comfy stretch and incredible recovery provide a “closest to the skin” fit. Combine it with J Brand’s flattering cuts and voila, you get an exceptional pair of jeans! I also like that it is a heavier-weight denim which is great for fall/winter’s lower temperatures.

I received these jeans in a 25 which is a size bigger than my usual one.  After trying them on I decided to stick with it and as you can see they fit me to a “T”. However I haven’t had a chance to try the 24 which could have also worked – nowadays with these high-tech stretchy fabrics the difference between consecutive sizes can be quite negligible.

J Brand has made it really easy for me to see the boot-cut in a new light. They totally changed my perspective with their new 8017 Close Cut Remy Jeans in Transmission. These truly are an excellent pair of jeans, so modern and fresh; after these you’ll never think of the boot-cut the same way again.

The J Brand 8017 Close Cut Remy Jeans in Transmission is available here.

Top: Karen Millen //shoes: BCBGMAXAZRIA //cuff: Swarovski //earrings: Blue Nile //watch: FENDI

J Brand 8017 Close Cut Remy Jeans in Transmission Review


  1. The jeans are good, but your legs look kind of short. The low, low rise again, I think. It just doesn’t flatter shorter people. But high heels do help.

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