Parker Smith Bonnie Trouser Bootcut in Ebony Sateen Review - Front View

Parker Smith has been a recent hot hit here on Denimology, and for great reason! With their amazing fits for curvier figures and super soft fabrics that will make you change your mind about the recent perception that yoga pants are more comfortable than denim, you really can’t go wrong with this brand and I know they have an incredible potential for longevity in the denim world. I have done two reviews for them thus far: the Becky Bootcut in Deep Azure, and the Ava Skinny in Skylight. When we hear of denim, we usually conjure up thoughts of skinny jeans, bootcuts and the recent trend of super destroyed slouchy styles, but the trouser rarely gets any attention. Maybe it’s because it’s a bit more of a classy, dressy style than something you’d normally expect from a pair of jeans, which most people only get a chance to wear during leisure time on the weekends? I’m not sure, but I am happy to present to you a fantastic example of a great trouser pant, with a Parker Smith Bonnie Trouser Bootcut in Ebony Sateen review!

As I mentioned in my last two reviews, Parker Smith is a relatively new addition to the denim world! Born in 2014, they are already gaining ground with their soft European fabrics and curvy fit! The brand states “Parker Smith is the real jean for the real woman, whether you’re a career fashionista or a stylish mom looking for a great fitting pair of jeans.” Each jean is finished by hand for a “sophisticated and contemporary look and feel” Los Angeles. The fabrics used are made of eco-friendly cotton, with tencel for an extremely soft and comfortable feel that is wrinkle resistant and absorbent. Parker Smith “wear-tests” each jean to ensure shape retention through wear after wear after wear.

Parker Smith Bonnie Trouser Bootcut in Ebony Sateen Review - Back Angle View

If you follow Denimology, then you might have already seen the Bonnie Trouser Bootcut pop up in one of our newsletters! The original article can be seen right here. So, I’m excited to follow this up with a more in depth review. The brand states, “Tailored in luxurious sateen, the sophisticated Bonnie Trouser transitions with effortless ease from the office to a night out on the town. Ultra soft and flexible, our sateen fabric hugs and drapes on the body beautifully for an elegant fit.” I don’t often wear slacks…I am totally a jean girl. If I’m attending a business event or going in for a job interview, I rock my Express Editor pants. However, they are tough to wear with heels because I got them at my regular length so they hang funny! I’ve thought about getting a new pair to upgrade the dressy side of my wardrobe, so this review came at a great time. I had these sent in my regular size of 26, which was the right choice. These are nicely fitted up top just like all other Parker Smith jeans I’ve reviewed: very form fitting, but not tight, which is perfect for trousers. They have a 9.25” mid rise which fits comfortably over the top of my hips without feeling too high rise, and the fit over my bum and thighs is very flattering, with a looser fit from the top of the thigh down which is more like a wide leg style than bootcut if you ask me. The 65% Tencel, 32% Cotton, 3% Elastane fabric blend really is silky soft with a slight satin-like sheen, and is lightweight so they are still great for summer nights out on the town or a nice dinner. Unlike my Express dress pants, these are beautifully blacker than black! Maybe it’s because they have that nice sheen, but I really love the look of them more. They have a 35″ inseam which is perfect to wear with heels, and exactly what I’d want, since looser leg styles look better on me with a bit more height! The back pockets are faux for a more streamlined fit, and the front pockets are deep and loose enough to add that trouser-like relaxed-but-fitted flair! To top it off, they are pleated down the front, making them great pants for the office if you so choose to wear them to work! The only thing that I feel I need to point out is how easily the front pockets stand out or any panty line you have in the back, as you can see in the photos…it’s tempting to cut out the front pockets but I like the casual feel with my hands tucked into them! You also might want to wear seamless underwear too.

I mentioned the Parker Smith Bonnie Trouser Bootcut in Ebony Sateen is more like a business or dress kind of pant, but I’m sure they could be dressed in any way you’d like. I wouldn’t wear them with a tee shirt, per se, but a flowy summer cami would look just as fab with them as a button-down blouse would! A good black pant is a staple in any fashionista’s closet, whether it’s a skinny jean or a bootcut. It’s good to have a well-rounded variety! These great pants by Parker Smith are a great choice, and are classic enough to stick around from outfit to outfit for years and years to come.

You can purchase a pair for yourself at Parker Smith’s website, right here.

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