Parker Smith Lynn Straight

Here we are – the last of the three-part installment of my Parker Smith reviews. If you’ve read my other reviews you will know that I am a huge fan of PS, and that sentiment continues on.

This review will focus on the Parker Smith Lynn Straight in dark shadow jeans. These are what I like to call “fancy jeans”. They are the style of denim you can confidently wear out to a nice restaurant, paired with a simple pump and a blouse. Like the other two styles, these immediately slip on like a pair of jeans you’ve washed a million times before. They’re a relaxed fit, straight jean with a mid rise waist. I felt the rise on these jeans was higher than the last pair that are also classified as “mid rise”, but they are definitely not a “high waisted” denim. For those of us with short torso, I think it is most flattering to pair them with a longer blouse or sweater. For you lucky, taller gals, you could totally get away with wearing a slim fit tee.

The fit is wonderful, but I am normally a size 8, and I think I could have gone down a size with these. They were a bit loose around the knees, and I would have benefited from a slight hem so that they would fit more seamlessly against my shoes. I’m 5’4’’, and I couldn’t wear these with flats.

The wash is beautiful, and I didn’t notice any bleeding on my shoes or hands when I rubbed the fabric. Like the other 2 PS jeans, these are incredibly comfortable, long-wearing jeans that, for the last 3 weeks, have become my “Saturday night” jeans. They haven’t stretched out with repeated wear, so even though they’re soft and worn in, you won’t have to wash them often to get the original fit back.

They’re a classic pair of jeans, with a modern stylish fit perfect for a more sophisticated look. Buy a pair here, and see for yourself!

Parker Smith Lynn Straight in Dark Shadow jeans



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