Q/A With Selina Tahmasian, Designer Denimocracy

We have been following Denimocracy since their very beginning and are really stoked about how the brand has evolved during this time. There was nothing meek or humble about Denimocracy’s beginning. On the contrary, they were loud and screaming their presence. Remember their outrageously printed and super soft jeggings. How the celebs as well as the more humble non-celeb chicks loved them?!

Well, the brand has been going through quite a lot of changes, and now they are all set to become a lifestyle brand. Gone are the screaming prints and tie dyed patterns, but the softness and comfort of their jeggings remains the same – just as it has always been. Using new techniques and new materials, I am very curious about where they are going.

About the Denimocracy designers:
Design team Selina Tahmasian and Cinzia Simone have headed design for top denim and apparel brands based in LA, New York, and Italy. They bring their seasoned experience and passion for the latest trends, cuts, techniques and washes in the world of denim and fashion, and share this with Denimocracy fans everywhere. Selina and Cinzia’s design sensibility complement one another with Selina’s laid-back California style and chic sensibility combined with Cinzia’s rock and roll sexy vibe. They soak up daily LA’s creative diversity, from the growing Downtown LA scene to Venice Beach to Silver Lake, which is reflected in every pair of uniquely made jeans for you.

We have asked one of their new designer, Selina Tahmasian, to tell us a bit about her predictions for Denimocracy and denim trends in general.

Denimology: What are your trend predictions for next year?
Selina: Performance denim fabric continues to play an important role in the denim market. Comfort denim such as our knit indigo is our answer to an authentic wash done in a 5-pocket knit skinny.

D: We already own skinny, super skinnies and boyfriend jeans. What will be the next big style?
S: The pull-on waistband as seen in athletic wear is now evolving into fashion bodies. For example, our track trouser from our Spring ’15 collection is a perfect example of the next big silhouette with a pull-on waistband.
{note: you can check out the track trouser in the image below}

D: In terms of denim, do you have any new materials in mind?
S: We love our new Rigid Tencel Denim. This is a key fabric we are using to add drape and expand on relaxed silhouettes.

D: Do you believe and agree that generally women are kind of getting tired of too much stretch and are ready for more “authentic” denim, maybe even selvedge?
S: Women will always have the need for stretch denim and this trend will never go away. It serves a purpose for active lifestyles and the need for comfort. But currently, we are seeing a shift in trend for more authentic and vintage denim washes and silhouettes best achieved by using rigid fabrics.

D: Will prints still be strong for the next few years?
S: We believe that novelty treatments will be the new prints.

D: What is your personal favorite denim style and why?
S: We love our 50’s Straight Vintage Silhouette we are introducing for Summer 2015. It is a more relaxed fit with a straight leg but you still feel as sexy in this body as you would in a skinny.

D: Which person living or dead would you most like to see in a pair of your jeans?
S: Blondie or Joan Jett. Two quintessential rock and roll ladies that led the way for all of the cool rocker girls today.

D: Where do you see the brand in 5 years?
S: Denimocracy will offer more than jeans and knit bottoms. We are developing tops, jackets, skirts, and dresses – a full lifestyle collection.

D: What special “denim advice” you would like to give to our readers?
S: Buy a pair of jeans that you will love forever and always feel comfortable in. At the end of the day you pull the same two or three pairs of jeans out of your closet. Our jeans are as comfortable as a second skin – and will be your “go to” from work to play.

D: And last, but not least – is there anything else you would like to add for our readers:-)
S: We are proud to make Denimocracy locally in downtown Los Angeles and love what our local community contributes to the end product – from washing to finishing. Being based where our goods are produced allows us to control these processes and the premium quality of our product as well as support our local economy.

Q/A With Selina Tahmasian, Designer Denimocracy