American Eagle Outfitters Denim X Sky High Jegging in Cold Blue Destroy Review - Front View

I think most of us easily get lost in the world of premium denim once we try on our first pair. In most cases, the fit and feel alone will turn any discerning fashionista into a lifelong convert, and we know that it is usually true that we get what we pay for and thus we willingly cough up a good amount of dough for a quality pair of jeans that will last and flatter our behinds for years and years to come. But over the years I’ve noticed one of my all-time favorite brands, American Eagle Outfitters, really bump up their game to a point where they became a good alternate contender to the premium denim world. I guess I can use this as an excuse as to why I don’t think I’ll ever really grow out of this brand, as long as they keep up innovating their fits, styles and fabric content to appeal to a wide range of ages instead of just those enjoying their college years. For the quality and price, I believe they are second to none. I probably own about 10 or 15 pairs from them! So I was really excited when we at Denimology got a chance to do a few reviews for this great brand. So here is an American Eagle Outfitters Denim X Sky High Jegging in Cold Blue Destroy review!

You should see my closet…it’s packed with premium denim…and then there’s American Eagle (and a little Abercrombie too). I really don’t sway from the premium brands because I’ve found what works best for my personal preferences and body type, but AEO keeps coming back and impressing me over and over again, and they always stay true to size and fit so well! So many brands vary in sizing so you never know what you’re going to get, but I always know whatever I order from AEO will be satisfying, and it always is (and I’ve been ordering for 10+ years). To stay even more competitive, they recently just came out with a brand new fabric blend called Denim X, teaming up with INVISTA LYCRA® to create a special line of their best-selling Jeggings. I was so happy to see them do this (as all brands have been jumping on similar bandwagons to compete with denim fans switching to active/yogawear after complaints of jeans not being soft enough or bagging out). AEO says, “Our best fit ever. Revolutionary high performance stretch that’s softer than ever before. Never loses its shape…so you can show off your assets all day (and night).” I have to say the result is fabulous! I received two pairs of the Denim X jeans: this Sky-High Jegging in Cold Blue Destroy wash and the Hi-Rise Jegging in Inky Dark. I had both sent in my usual size of 26 (in a size 2 in AEO). You can find my review for the Hi-Rise Jegging in Inky Dark review here!

American Eagle Outfitters Denim X Sky High Jegging in Cold Blue Destroy Review - Back Angle View

The American Eagle Outfitters Denim X Sky High Jegging in Cold Blue Destroy was just a tad smaller than usual in the size 2, but I was able to pull them up due to the high stretch factor. At first the high rise was a little too tight (but not painfully), rubbing my belly button piercing a bit too much by the end of the day, but after just two wears they’ve loosened up enough to be a very comfortable fit, and definitely don’t bag or sag. At 58% Cotton, 33% Modal, 7% Polyester and 2% Lycra, this fabric sure is SOFT as promised! I think I could even compare them to the feel of my DL1961 Grace jeans, although the fabric is a little thicker here. They have a high 9.75″ front rise and higher 13.75″ back rise so they definitely are a great fit for curvy figures. They stay put on me all day and do not need a belt. They have a 10″ leg opening, making them a true jegging fit. I am 5′ 5.5″ and they hit right at my ankles in the regular 29″ inseam. The wash is a pretty dark blue with subtle fading and whiskering, and it features two clean rips on the knees. I’m often scared of rips positioned over knees due to the common occurrence of blowouts as soon as you squat down, but the stretch in these jeggings protects against that, even though they are super form-fitting! The front pockets are faux so you don’t have to worry about tucking them back in each time you pull up your pants. I love the back pocket designs in AEO jeans…cute but not too obnoxious or showy. Most of the time it’s embroidered, and this time it kind of has a cool embossed look! I think it’s probably good to mention that several reviews for this style on its product page on the brand’s website report it running too tight or having to order a size or two up. I think it depends on your own personal tastes. If you want something a little more giving, then I’d size up, but that kind of defeats the purpose of a jegging, I think. If you like a tighter fit, then your regular size should be ok, since as I mentioned above, they did soften up after a few wears. I think most of the site’s reviewers tried them on in the dressing room and never wore them around much, but everyone’s body is different, and that plays a big factor too! Just a good thing to keep in mind if you plan to purchase a pair for yourself.

Whenever anyone asks me for a nice pair of high rise jeggings that doesn’t cost too much, I always refer them to American Eagle! The Denim X technology was a smart move for American Eagle Outfitters, and keeps them in the game. The Denim X Sky High Jegging in Cold Blue Destroy is a great choice if you are looking for a distressed, pretty dark blue form fitting style for a wide range of body types and styles this is a great one to try! At $59.99 (currently on sale for $44.99), you can’t really go wrong. If you haven’t yet tried American Eagle Outfitters denim, now is a good time to try!

Grab a pair for yourself right here!

Read more about INVISTA Lycra here on Denimology, or visit their website here.

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