Black Orchid - Edgy Denim Styles

Because we live right now in the era of total sexiness, edginess, abandon, “slouchy”, “I don’t care what you think, I wanna be me”, we need the jeans to go with this attitude.

Who better than bad boy, Julien Jarmoune, owner and designer of cult brand Black Orchid, to give us some good punk here!?

We were able to get a quote from Julien about the inspiration behind the collection:

“I am inspired by classic romance, Rock & Roll, with a twist of European vogue (think of modern day Brigitte Bardot) but at the end of the day, it’s all about the girl. When I create new styles and washes, I envision the girl in Black Orchid Denim – how she looks and feels in it. The Black Orchid girl I imagine is someone sexy, cool, and edgy – the modern day girl. She wears our traditional classic denim pieces but she can also slip into our fashion forward vegan leather and suede pieces and feel bold, confident, and fearless.”

You can purchase Black Orchid Denim here.

Black Orchid - Edgy Denim Styles

Black Orchid - Edgy Denim Styles

Black Orchid