You may be curious what it is like to go to the fashion trade shows that happen twice a year here in NYC, and also in LA, and Vegas. Here is a chance for you to check out what it is like at the Capsule NYC show!

The Capsule Show is actually one of the more fun places to go. The show is always happening downtown, at Basketball City, and it is in a real basketball hall. In summer, you can sit outside and watch the Hudson river while enjoying a snack or some coffee – this helps to relax a bit before going inside again to check out all the booths.

Besides Capsule, there are many other trade shows, like Coterie, Project, and Intermezzo, just to mention a few. These shows help us to see what’s new in the industry and also is a perfect place to meet the owners or representatives of many brands. It is hard work, between checking out the new clothes, taking pictures and walking through all the booths, but it is also exciting and immensely gratifying.

Hope you “enjoyed the show”!