CJ by Cookie Johnson Joy Pigment Coated Legging in Cherry Wine Review - Front View 2

As you’ve possibly read before in a past review or two, there’s a little joke between a couple of us here at Denimology about my amazing consistency with reviewing dark blue skinny jeans. Hey, I love them! But, every now and then I get super excited to review something edgy and new. Whenever I hit the nightlife (to party or to DJ), I take the chance to let out my darker or more creative side out, whichever fits my mood. I’ll usually rock something with studs, lots of black obviously, maybe a fedora, my new black and white striped and studded Rebecca Minkoff bag, my favorite Michael Michael Kors black oxford heels, and definitely something more extravagant in the jeans department. So I see this Denimology installment as something really cool and different. I haven’t had a chance to review any coated jeans, nor have I ever owned any, so I am excited to present this CJ by Cookie Johnson Joy Pigment Coated Legging in Cherry Wine review!

When I first heard of CJ by Cookie Johnson, I was stoked to see the denim world was considering the curvier crowd. However, I never really checked out the brand because I already had my favorite brands that fit me well. The brand had its debut in 2009 and quickly gained the attention of several celebrities, including Oprah Winfrey who declared CJ by Cookie Johnson “the best jeans ever!” In 2013, the brand partnered with Mitchell Quaranta of Swatfame, Inc., who was one of the original founders of the veteran brand Citizens of Humanity. With this partnership, the brand expanded the line even further and it helped bring the brand to where it is today…competing with the big dogs! CJ by Cookie Johnson believes “The confidence that great-fitting jeans gives women is the most rewarding thing about creating CJ.” When I was properly introduced to the brand for this review, I was excited to see all the edgy new washes and colors coming out for the Fall! I had no idea the brand included ombre styles, much less coated ones!

CJ by Cookie Johnson Joy Pigment Coated Legging in Cherry Wine Review - Back Angle View 2

I took the CJ by Cookie Johnson Joy Pigment Coated Legging in Cherry Wine in a size 25, which is one size lower than my usual, because I was advised that they have a really really good stretch to them. I’m glad I did, because that was exactly the deal! They stretched out to fit perfectly without a lot of constriction. They held me in very well and the fit was as great as the brand promises. At a 88% cotton, 9% polyester, 3% elastane fabric blend, they aren’t as spandexy as as a lot of stretchy jeans out there, so they will still only stretch out to a point. They have about an 8.5″ mid rise, with a 30.5″ inseam and a 10″ leg opening, so they are definitely a true legging, and the mid rise keeps them in place with a waistband that stays tight enough to hold them over my athletic shape without cutting me in half when I sit down. I also expected coated jeans to be hot, sweaty and not very well ventilated, but I was thinking too much of my high school pleather days. These are so super soft inside, and the coating is more like a light waxy finish. These babies are just beautiful…of all the jeans I’ve ever seen or owned, I’ve never seen anything like these, to be completely honest! I’ve seen coated, I’ve seen burgundy (which is one of my favorite colors), but never a black and burgundy ombre look. This style does all the talking on its own, without any need for any embellishments or even any exterior logos except for a tiny embroidered CJ in the same color as the jeans. They look so freaking awesome with a black top, and I wore this same exact outfit pictured out on the town the day I got them except for a studded belt with steel eyelets in it. I love the look so much! I have a feeling they might just become my new favorite out-on-the-town jean.

One fun thing I love about an edgy or different style of jean, is toying around with different outfit combinations. The traditional favorite jean is too easy and not quite as versatile, if you ask me. These can be dressed up, either rockstared out as I like to do or juxtaposed next to something soft and girly. I like that kind of contrast. I also wore these to work one day with just a simple black tee and black flats. I’m excited to try different outfit combinations and I know they’ll be a favorite for a really, really long time, and I now have a new appreciation for coated jeans! I have another on its way for another review from another brand I’ve been curious about for awhile, so stay tuned!

Snag a pair for yourself right here!

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