DU/ER Kickstarter Program

Canadian brand DU/ER has just launched o according to what they are saying, the most technically advanced performance jeans on the market. Wowser, I say that this is quite a tough statement……

But let’s see how they explain their denim to us:

“In the last few decades we have created technically advanced fabrics that allow people to climb the highest peaks, cross the hottest deserts and perform to unbelievable levels, and yet the average person is still wearing fabrics that haven’t changed in a hundred years. Two guys from Vancouver with over 25 years experience in the apparel and active industry who run, cycle, and sweat in their jeans set out to change that with the latest innovation in denim.

The L2X denim in the DU/ER line is infused with the same Coolmax fibers found in the best performance gear. During any given day a person’s body temperature fluctuates, depending on the amount of movement and the environment a person is in, so DU/ER created jeans that are responsive to all of these changes. DU/ER denim has hollow core fibers that help regulate body temperature and evaporate any extra moisture, keeping you cooler when you are hot and warmer when you are cold.”

Why is DU/ER different?

1. Super Flexible – 5 times the mobility of traditional denim.
2. Ultra Light & Strong – 30% lighter and 30% stronger than traditional denim.
3. Temperature Control – technical fibers infused in the fabric that keep you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold.
4. Invisible Seat Gusset – built into the crotch that ensures maximum maneuverability where you need it most.
5. Radiation Shield Pocketing – protects you from exposure to cellphone radiation.

Why you need these jeans: During any given day you are always moving. You could be cycling to work, running to your next meeting, or going out for a refreshing walk or hike. Sometimes you sweat. Sometimes you are in hot or cold weather. Traditional jeans just aren’t built to deal with your modern lifestyle. We’ve created performance denim that adjusts your body temperature to its changes in movement or the environment. No matter what activity you’re doing, your jeans will adapt, wick sweat away, and keep you comfortable, dry, and feeling good.”

Du/ER went trail hiking up a mountain to test their denim. Watch the video below:

Lenett and Sal Debus are both urban cyclists and active guys by nature. They have studied the human body, how it moves in all of life’s situations, and as a result developed 2 different fits (slim and relaxed) which work for almost all body types, including guys with more muscular frames.
Two other innovative aspects to the DU/ER line include; an invisible seat gusset often found in performance wear, which allows for more maneuverability in the area that you need it most. There is also a cell phone pocket with radiation shielding. Whether your cell phone overheats, or you’re concerned about the potential radiation exposure, this fabric helps reduce the amount of radiation going to your skin.

DU/ER Performance Denim – Because Everyday is a Performance.

DU/ER will be available exclusively on Kickstarter at $98.00 and then offered after the project has been funded at retail for $160.00.