Hudson Blake jeans

Along with many celebrities, Denimology has long been a fan of Hudson jeans. As a result, when I had the chance to review one of their newest men’s fits, I jumped at the opportunity. The Hudson Blake Slim Straight jeans is an updated slimmed down version of their popular Byron straight style. Not straight but not all the way to skinny.

Taking inspiration from, but not copying, the previous straight style, the overall fit on the Hudson Blake Slim Straight jeans keep that “average guy” fit and vibe. The legs are not snug but a slightly narrower cut than a standard straight leg. One of the features that distinguishes the Blake fit is the narrower leg opening which brought the 16” opening down to a 14.5”. However, because of the long standard inseam (34”), I was not able to fully take advantage of this feature. I had to roll them up quite a bit which gave me a thicker cuff then I was hopign for. The comfort stretch fabric was very forgiving and a major point that should be taken into consideration when thinking about which size is best. I went a size smaller in the waist, choosing a 31, and still had more than enough room to freely move, bend and stretch.

The Hudson Blake Slim Straight jeans in Vapor is listed as a medium weight denim but I would actually classify them as a light weight option. They are an ideal weight for the hot summer months when shorts are just not appropriate. In order to really put the jeans to the test, I decided to take them along on my vacation to Croatia in August, where the temperatures were easily around 33⁰C (above 90⁰F). I have tried lighter weight, or summer weight, denim before with one thing always causing me frustration – retaining the shape. So what started out looking slim and great, quickly deteriorated to…well, just awful. I am so thankful that this is not the case with the Hudson Blake Slim Straight jeans in Vapor. The comfort stretch helps keep the shape in all parts; the knees, butt, waist. Everything looked just as good hours later – after climbing stairs, sitting at dinner and walking around the city – as it did when I first put them on. Combined with the fact that I was not sweating my ass off in the crazy summer heat, this was a major win.

As for the color option, the Vapor wash is a nice even dark indigo that will keep you looking fresh and cool at night. No loud labels or distractions take away from the classic styling and even the leather patch is a dark black that tends to get lost on the waistband. I had no problem dressing these up for dinner or throwing on a tank top and enjoying the sun.

Bottom line: The Hudson Blake Slim Straight jeans in Vapor are a comfortable option during the warm months while staying away from “resort wear”. If you are not a professional basketball player with a 34” inseam, I would highly recommend getting these hemmed to fall just at the top of your shoes. The dark Vapor wash will look much better without a rolled-up cuff. Definitely go one size down since the stretch, combined with the light weight, is very forgiving. Look at Hudson’s website for more wash options as well as the Vapor.

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Hudson Blake Slim Straight jeans

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