Introducing Iggy Pop x Sailor Jerry

As far as collaborations go, this is a really interesting one! I remember Iggy Pop from a long time ago, some way or the other, he always popped up somewhere. I love his grungy looks and his bad boy face! I especially remember that he was doing some movies with Johnny Depp, Cry-Baby and Dead Man. Looks like a quite “tough man meets bad boy” collaboration!


“Sailor Jerry Clothing announced the release of its 2014 Flash Collection, featuring designs by Global rock & style icon, Iggy Pop. Entitled ‘The Flash Collection by Iggy Pop’, the range is an annual collaboration between Sailor Jerry and a like-minded artist, inspired by the legendary tattoo flash of Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins (“Flash” is the old-school term for tattoo designs preserved on paper).

“The Collection’s standout piece is a blue-black 50’s style denim vest emblazoned with an iconic Sailor Jerry anchor along with the phrase ‘Death Shall Triumph,’ (an expression found in several Sailor Jerry flash designs). Each vest comes with a pack of 6 patches, chosen from Iggy Pop’s favorite flash designs, allowing people to customize their vests. The brash style of the vest artwork and the loose patches were inspired by the tradition of outlaw motorcycle clubs, which issued standard jackets to members who then extensively customized them.

“The other item in the collection is a leather belt hand-tooled by brothers Michael and David Stampler of the Norman Porter Workshop in Philadelphia and boasting a hand-cast brass buckle made by an artisan company based in Washington. The buckle is cast with a Sailor Jerry image of a shark rising from the sea, which Pop regards as a symbol of ‘power and individuality.’ A limited 100 belts have been created.

“The Flash collection denim vest, leather belt and a set of six patches will be available to purchase for a limited period only on, as well as a handful of stores around the world, including By Robert James in New York.

“About Iggy Pop Iggy Pop (full name James Newell Osterberg, Jr.) known as the godfather of punk, global superstar Iggy Pop is cited to have hugely influenced, if not invented, the iconic punk music scene of the 70s. He was born April 21, 1947 and was raised in a in Ypsilanti, Michigan and initially earned his fame as vocalist in The Stooges before beginning his solo career in 1977.

“About Sailor Jerry

“Sailor Jerry is the classic American brand and spiced rum inspired by the Father of the old-school tattoo, Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins. It was founded with the intent of keeping his legacy and values of craftsmanship, independence and originality alive. The company began by producing clothing with the flash artwork of Sailor Jerry and quickly built a cult following. Sailor Jerry Spiced was created based on the old-school tradition of sailors spicing their high-proof rum rations. Sailor Jerry spent half his life as a sailor and the other half tattooing them, so making a spiced rum in his honor was an obvious choice.

“About Sailor Jerry Clothing

“Sailor Jerry began in 1999 as a small clothing line in downtown Philadelphia. The enterprise was set up by fans of Norman Collins who believed that not enough people knew his story so they started telling it through screen printing his flash art on t-shirts and jackets.

“The brand was formed with core principles true to the spirit of Norman- ‘good work ain’t cheap, cheap work ain’t good’. Determined not to follow the industry practice of making everything as cut-price as possible overseas, all the product was custom made, sewn and printed in the USA. Still to this day there are core elements made at home in the States. Sailor Jerry Clothing goes out of its way to find original plaids and kick ass quality materials that also feel good to wear. Sailor Jerry Clothing is available through

Introducing Iggy Pop x Sailor Jerry Introducing Iggy Pop x Sailor Jerry  Iggy Pop x Sailor Jerry  Iggy Pop x Sailor Jerry  Iggy Pop x Sailor Jerry