Introducing Invista Lycra - The "Secret" Behind the Stretch Denim

Did you ever wonder about what makes your jeans fit so amazingly snug? How come they don’t bag after sitting, standing, running around in them day after day? Well, it’s all because of the kind of stretch the denim brands use to produce their miracle jeans, right?

Or, to make it more understandable: It’s all because of the super Lycra® innovation that goes like this: Invista has come out with a brand new X fit. This includes 360 degrees of perfect fit: stretch and recovery in all directions. Meaning you can wear these jeans dancing and jumping and running the whole night and they will still look perfect the next day LOL! And not only this, but they also come with comfort guaranteed.

Just to mention a few brands that use this incredible Lycra®: DL1961, American Eagle Outfitters and many many more.

Sound good? Well, stay tuned and you will find out about a lot more goodies coming from Invista 😉