Invista - Cool Dry Comfort COOLMAX®

Today, we are introducing you to yet another part of the Invista Lycra® brand, the COOL, DRY COMFORT COOLMAX® FABRICS.

“The fusion of ready-to-wear and active inspired fabrics has created a whole new category of apparel called performance denim. COOLMAX® fabrics are at the forefront of this movement — taking jeans from a traditional 100% cotton garment to one that helps keep the consumer cool, dry and comfortable during exercise and in warm environments.”

Translating: now you can sweat all you want, but you ain’t gonna sweat! No, this is not a typo LOL! This is serious business. The COOLMAX® fabrics absorb the sweat and you can come out of your Pilates class smelling like a baby!   😉  This is especially a super idea for those of you who live in a warm climate zone and love to work out and even run your marathons!

And there is still more to come about the amazing possibilities that Invista Lycra® created for us, so stay tuned!