Invista Lycra® - Toughness Meets Comfort

Ready for a bit more about this amazing Invista Lycra®? And this one is for you, dudes!

Let’s check this out: TOUGH MAX™ LYCRA® FABRIC.

“Choosing the perfect pair of jeans is never an easy task. Rugged jeans last a long time, but are often heavy and stiff. While 100% cotton jeans can look and feel great, they can’t always stand up to the demands of an active lifestyle. But now, there is a solution that is reinventing men’s denim — jeans made with TOUGH MAX™ LYCRA® fabric.

“Up to twice as strong as comparable 100% cotton jeans, TOUGH MAX™ LYCRA® fabric jeans withstand the rigors of everyday wear and tear. And, because they’re made from a blend of cotton and LYCRA® T400® fiber, they move with you for a comfortable fit that lasts.”

Isn’t this an amazing concept, guys? Now you can ride your bike, or skateboard, or somersault, or whatever floats your boat, AND wear your jeans. Speaking from my own experience with Lycra®fabric denim, I promise you that you won’t feel restricted or in any way hampered by wearing your jeans for all these activities. And not only that, but you will look so much sexier and cooler doing your stuff in a pair of fitting jeans than in those old sweats! 😉