Joe's Jeans - You will Love the "Flawless"

Aren’t we all always striving to be flawless, perfect…..well, Joe’s is bringing us one step closer to achieving our perfect and flawless body. YAY!

They have launched their Flawless collection. This is a slimming denim collection that lifts and hides any imperfections for your most flawless silhouette. Flawless features four different washes of denim and the body conscious fabric will hold you in while allowing effortless movement that will retain your best silhouette from day to night.

This collection includes the High Rise Skinny in Louisa which is your rocker chic, night out, gravity-defying Flawless jean that holds you in so you can show off. The cloudy grey wash fades from front to back and blends from outer to inner thigh for a slimming and smoothing effect that accents any physique.

The Curvy Skinny comes in a true blue-black wash with dual stretch for unrivaled shape retention.

The Petite Skinny is made of a dark indigo denim with carefully crafted front-to-back fading. Wash blending from outer to inner thigh completes the slimming and smoothing effects of this gravity-defying fabric.

These are only a few of the options. Best of all, Joe’s has included a curvy and a petite fit. So there is no excuse for ANY body of yours not to try on a pair of these!

The flawless jeans to make you look your best are available here.

Joe's Jeans - You will Love the "Flawless" Joe's Jeans - You will Love the "Flawless" Joe's Jeans -  the "Flawless" Joe's Jeans -  the "Flawless" Joe's Jeans -  the "Flawless"