Neuw Denim Iggy Skinny jeans

Sometimes, people grow – they change, evolve. I discovered that I am not immune to this and have Neuw Denim to blame. Previously I was in a state of bliss thinking that I had figured it all out. Selected my top denim brands, knew which jeans would be my “go-to” pair and which would be relegated to the back of the closet. Then, along comes the Neuw Denim Iggy Skinny jeans and blows everything up. I don’t want to make the same mistake twice, claiming a brand has found it’s way into my heart, but I can’t help it……Neuw Denim is awesome.

Neuw Denim claims that all their jeans are based on Vintage Revision, a way of using what was in the past but adapting to the modern trends and processes to create what should be your favorite pair of jeans. Whatever they are doing, it is working and that starts with the Neuw Denim Iggy Skinny jeans from their Black Rope collection.

We have previously highlighted the Black Rope collection from Neuw Denim and the innovative way each fiber is dyed and coated to provide a one-of-a-kind look that only gets better with time. By seeing the Neuw Denim Iggy Skinny jeans in the Young Blue wash up close, the Black Rope finish is a sight to behold. At first glance, the jeans are dark, not quite black but super dark blue. Looking closer, I was able to see the small creases where the natural indigo fibers were fighting to peak out revealing the lighter fibers behind the coating. The Young Blue wash has a slight sheen in the right light but doesn’t feel slick or coated. It is really exciting to see how this coating slowly breaks away to reveal a brand new type of fading and evolution.  Right now my Iggy’s have gone through quite a few wears and starting to show some real promise!

Aside from the unique visual characteristics of the Neuw Denim Iggy Skinny jeans, the fit and feel are not to be upstaged. This is a true pair of skinny jeans and fits snug the entire length of the leg. Going with my normal size, 32 waist, I had no problem buttoning them up and jumping right into the day without worry. Unlike some skinny jeans, the fit around the crotch doesn’t ride up while walking or sitting. Actually, it feels kind of roomy without looking slouchy at all. Even after a number of wears, the fit is still completely unchanged. One other great detail that shows the special “tailoring touch” from Neuw is the darting on the back of the legs by the ankles. This really narrows the leg opening creating a perfect diameter to complete the full skinny look.

Bottom line: If you want skinny jeans, get the Neuw Denim Iggy Skinny….that is all. Check them out here.

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Neuw Denim Iggy Skinny jeans in Young Blue

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