Nick Jonas in Robin's Jean For Flaunt Magazine

Reading the Flaunt mag kinda feels like having a “friends and family” day LOL. Every page you turn there is another familiar looking pair of jeans! Or another gorgeous bod to admire in a pair of so cool jeans.

We have posted here about several celebs and brands that were featured in the current and past issues of FLAUNT, and here is one more to feast your eyes on: Nick Jonas, shirtless, but wearing a super cool pair of Robin’s Jean. These are the most sought after men’s jeans, according to the Robin’s people. They are the Robin’s Jean black “Motard” in Double Black Coating. A truly amazing fit, you can check out all about these jeans in our product review, that Dustin did a few months ago. And just FYI, motard means biker. 🙂

Love the jeans? You can find them in many different washes here.