PRPS Atrium exclusive selvage jeans

If anyone ever tries to make the argument that art is not part of fashion, just show them this pair of PRPS Atrium exclusive selvage jeans.

If you are not familiar with Atrium, it is the premier shop in New York City for fashion’s top designers and fashion-forward clothing. It is one of the premier denim shops in not only the US but the world. They carry brands like McQueen, Balmain, Simon Miller and of course, PRPS. In this review, we will look at the limited edition jeans PRPS made exclusively for Atrium NYC.

The PRPS Atrium exclusive jeans are made using three different selvage fabrics stitched together to provide something truly unique and special. Now it is really unfair to write a review trying to compare the PRPS Atrium exclusive jeans to anything else on the market. It is like trying to compare a Van Gogh to a hand-turkey I drew when I was 6… just won’t turn out good for anyone. Instead, I will just sit back and admire these jeans and give them the proper respect they deserve. Oh, and did I mention that a limited number of these bad boys were created, 30 to be exact. We are not talking about jeans at this point, we are talking about a piece of exclusive art.

PRPS seems to strike a perfect balance between the world of patchwork and distressed denim, both scarey in their own right is done wrong. When using three different selvages, you have to expect some mix-and-matching of the fabrics yet there are subtleties in the dyes that work so well together. Every panel placed with intention and purpose, fusing together to provide a statement piece for any closet or collection. PRPS is not the only brand to stitch or distress by hand, but it is one of the few brands where the artistry and authenticity is seen and felt so clearly. Every scuff, every “repair” and every sanded section showcases the ingenuity and boundary-pushing creativity behind the brand. The wears and repairs are in all the places you would naturally expect to find them; in the honeycombs behind the knees, around the tops of the pockets and along the crotch and backside. It is this type of craftsmanship that allows a highly distressed and repaired piece of denim to work as high fashion or “denim art”.

After inspecting and admiring the look of the PRPS Atrium exclusive jeans, right down to the custom canvas storage bag, it would be easy to be a bit let down when it came time to judge the fit. Nope, not in this case. To add to the enigma of PRPS, they seem to make every stroke perfect. I received a size 33, which is one size bigger than my normal size, yet the fit seemed custom-made for me. Like the size on the tag was completely arbitrary and irrelevant. The overall fit is slim but not really slim, relaxed without seeming sloppy and “worn” without being destroyed. Exactly what you want in such a heavily touched and designed jean. The tailored fit, combined with the obvious wash details, create something that works just as well with a tweed blazer as it does with a tee-shirt. I honestly can’t think of one negative thing to say about these jeans aside from the fact that I am in an argument with myself over whether to wear them or frame them. Seriously I would have no problem putting these jeans in a frame and throwing it up on any wall.

Bottom line: If you can find them, get them. If you can’t find them, search harder. For those of you looking to make a statement and show that you are a true denim connoisseur, the PRPS Atrium exclusive selvage jeans is for you. since only a limited number were produced, you may have to search a bit, but it will be well worth it. Start here at the PRPS site or Atrium’s here and good luck. Lastly, just to add a bit or perspective, I believe my wife’s words were – “Well those jeans are f’ing awesome”. Validation received!

Thank you PRPS for raising the bar for denim in fashion.

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PRPS Atrium exclusive selvage jeans


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