Rolla's Thin Captain Worn Bondi Blue jeans

I have been noticing a fair amount of brands coming out of Australia these days so it is the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at Rolla’s.

Rolla’s philosophy is clear and concise, “keep it simple”. Use modern fabric and technology to create a simple pair of jeans that can fit into anyone’s lifestyle. With the Rolla’s Thin Captain jeans they seem to stay true to their mission and deliver something classic yet modern.

After reviewing a fair number of darker jeans it was a welcome break to receive the Worn Bondi Blue wash. The Rolla’s Thin Captain jeans in Worn Bondi Blue combine a light blue washed denim with select distressing around the knees and thighs to capture the “worn-in” laid back vibe. The nice thing about Rolla’s is they actually appear to think about the real world. Let me explain. I have seen a lot of distressed denim where the knees are cut and the edges frayed leaving large exposed gaps in the legs. Inevitably when getting dressed, my foot would catch one of these edges and cause that crafted hole to become a huge mess……and when it happens once, it happens all the time. So with the Worn Bondi Blue wash, Rolla’s actually repaired the holes from inside the legs keeping the ripped look without actually having the exposed holes. Simple but genius. But of course, with every plus there comes a minus. The patches used to “repair” the legs are a bit stiffer than the normal fabric, so there is a weird bit of bunching that happens right above the knee. Since there are patches on each legs, it gets a little annoying at first and takes some getting used to. Also, after just one wash, some of the corners of the patches started to curl on the inside of the leg.

The look and feel of the fabric was something quite unexpected. I knew the Rolla’s Thin Captain jeans were made with a stretch fabric but they actually feel much heavier than anticipated. As a result, they feel much sturdier than other stretch jeans. The flexibility you get from the fabric is crazy. If I could, which I can’t, it would be no problem to break out in a full split wearing the Thin Captain jeans. The stretch is so forgiving that I actually found the waist getting looser as the day went on. I couldn’t wear these so many days in a row without throwing in a good wash between to get the size back. They are listed as a slim fit and it is a pretty accurate description, slim around the hips with a progressively skinnier fit as you move down. Everything from the fit to the subtle details (pocket stitching and small label on left side) does indeed keep things simple.

Bottom line: Pros – wash, stretch and distressing made to actually be worn. Cons – lose shape fairly easily and the repaired patches may not have the longevity I would hope for. For sizing, stick true to size but just understand that you may only be able to get one or two wears before having to throw them in the wash. Find a Rolla’s retailer here.

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Rolla's Thin Captain Worn Bondi Blue jeans

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