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When I read the first sentence of this introduction, I felt that Richard Keghinian, founder and creative director of RUB, was talking about me LOL!

I also have had a thing for denim ever since my first pair of unbeatable Diesel Jeans!!

Check out what Richard is telling us about this new brand he is launching:

” For as long as I remember, I’ve had a thing for denim.

 “My mother bought me my first pair of Levi’s when I was a boy of 12. As I slipped into them, I remember being instantly hooked. My fondness for denim has continued to grow ever since, becoming part and parcel of an adventurous lifestyle, particularly given my passion for riding motorcycles.

“Biking keeps me on the edge, giving me a level of alertness few experiences can rival: you’ve got to think fast, respond with precision, and often improvise while negotiating that serpentine bend, letting fear transform into a heightened sense of freedom as you venture into horizons of big sky and open road.

“For the past 22 years, I’ve been fortunate to be associated with some of America’s top denim companies, including Lucky Brand Jeans and True Religion, among others. My work with these great organizations gave me the opportunity to learn the many intricate details involved in making the perfect pair of jeans, from design and merchandising to pre-production and manufacturing.

“With no shortage of inspiration in my work, in 2012 I started my own private-label manufacturing company, which catered to premium brands in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. Eventually I had the chance to develop RUB (Rich Urban Biker) JEANS, focusing on a singular goal: to make fantastic jeans for guys who love riding motorcycles but also want to look sharp and stylish as they heed the call of the wild. RUB JEANS was founded because I came to realize that there was a significant void in the market for well-fitting men’s jeans.

“As an avid motorcycle rider for over 20 years, I place great importance on comfort and style, and have always felt the need for a better-fitting pair of jeans which a rider can wear on and off the bike. RUB JEANS are about comfort, style, and versatility, whether worn on your rides, for a night out, visiting family and friends, or at work.

“RUB JEANS were created and perfected with the help of a small yet extremely talented team of denim experts. Our jeans feature five pockets, with a few unique twists and details which deliver an extra oomph. RUB comes in two fabric weights: heavy weight for the motorcycle-riding experience and a lighter weight for the casual-lifestyle experience. We also offer a number of distinct washes which appeal to the rider and casual dresser alike.

“You are wild at heart. And you’re a man of this world, comfortable in your own skin. Your jeans should reflect both facts. “

And here are a few more details that should make your bike ride even more peasant while wearing your jeans:

There are a few details and twists which add a unique level of comfort and practicality to the RUB’s jeans. These include seven belt loops, a cell-phone pocket inside the front left pocket, special red thread detailing on the flat bust, and well-balanced back pockets.

The RUB jeans come in three fits: skinny in 11 oz stretch denim, slim fit in 12 oz 100% cotton denim, and relaxed straight in 13.5 oz 100% cotton denim.

The skinny fit is available in resin rinse wash only; the slim fit is available in three distinct washes: resin rinse 3D, club, and gunner wash; and the relaxed straight is available in resin rinse, rider (destructed), and track wash.

You can purchase RUB jeans here, they are offering free shipping. And if you like the wrench shown on the first image, you can find this in any hardware store. 😉

Rub Jeans - Rich Urban Biker

Rub Jeans - Rich Urban Biker


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