Ström Kille Slouch jeans in Ray

This next review on Ström denim is quite a departure from my last ones. These jeans, Ström Kille Slouch jeans in Ray are a bona fide pair of boyfriend jeans – for those of you a bit rusty with your Swedish, “kille” means “guy or boy”.

I have been dying for the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans. Many brands say they carry them, but when you put them on there nothing more than a slightly looser fitting skinny jean, which I’m sorry, classifies you as a “straight fit” in my book. I have fantasized about the perfect boyfriend jean for sometime now. My husband is also a denimology reviewer and is a loyal patron of the SUPER skinny jean. So, it’s not like I can even borrow his jeans to satisfy my craving for a slightly dropped crotch, loose around the knees, easy-go-lucky fit.  Luckily, Ström heard my plea and answered with these.

These jeans are perfectly distressed without any open holes, which I prefer. I’m always skeptical that those perfectly sized holes won’t grow exponentially over time. These jeans are effortless and awesome – the 2 things you would expect from a perfect boyfriend fit. They are loose around the knees, with a slightly dropped crotch (I’m sure there is a better word, but you get the idea). Like the last pair I reviewed, the denim is incredibly soft and worn-in….no breaking these bad boys in. I imagine there are a ton of dedicated interns who must wear all of the Ström jeans around in a sterile environment so as to make them feel like you’ve had them for years. Thank goodness for interns.

These jeans are way too long for me – I must admit, but they are selvedge denim, meaning the edges are nicely bound, diminishing the likelihood of the ends/edges unraveling. In simpler terms, when you roll the bottoms, they have a “finished” looking seam so even if I rolled them 10 times, it would look great. Because of the length, you wouldn’t really be able to shove them into boots, unless you wore Uggs and wanted that “I look like a mess on purpose – look”. No matter, they’re PERFECT with converse or any other type of trainer.

These are the jeans you won’t immediately shed when entering your apartment, but they aren’t the jeans you will only wear when you’re feeling lazy. These are cool jeans and demand as much face-time as your slew of skinny jeans. Fall is upon us, so pair these with a slouchy sweater and chuck taylors, buy on over-priced organic, free-trade latte and feel awesome!

Ström Kille Slouch jeans in Ray

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