Ström Tio Skinny jeans in Jaguar

I’ve hit the denim jackpot with this particular label that I will be reviewing. This review will be a two-part series covering denim from Ström. The company is the brain-child of the model-turned-designer, Erika Strömqvist. She is originally from Stockholm, Sweden – the beautiful city I have been calling home for the past 4 years. I will try not to let my love of Stockholm bias my review. 🙂

Truth-be-told I was not familiar with this particular brand of denim, so when I received these gorgeous jeans, I immediately took to the website to educate myself. I had to include this quote from their “about” section: “For me fashion and particularly denim is about feeling and looking good without trying too hard,” says Strömqvist. “STRÖM is about the right attitude, understated and streamlined, to enhance your own style – it’s personal and contemporary, yet timeless.”

I’m sorry, but can you think of anything else you would want your denim to be?! Amen, Strömqvist, amen.

On to the review. This review will focus on the Ström Tio Skinny jeans in Jaguar. Depending on the fit and % of elastin, I range from a size 27-30. With skinny jeans, if I’m unsure, I always go with a size 30, which is what I’m wearing in these photos. They fit true-to-size, but depending on how much they stretch out, you may want to go down a size or 2 with these. I didn’t have to “lunge” my way into them, which is usually what I have to do with any new pair of skinnys – which was refreshing, but something to keep in mind.

They fit like an old pair of jeans – super soft and hug all of your curves beautifully. I didn’t get the dreaded “butt bulge” that I often experience with skinnys, so kudos to the design team that finally realized that women wearing a size 30 likely have a little “junk in the trunk”. The distressed details along the thighs are perfect – not so many rips that your foot will go through them and destroy them immediately (we’ve ALL experienced that before), but just enough to say “yes, these are a badass pair of jeans”. You can’t see it in these photos, but the length was PERFECT. I’ve said it many times before in my previous reviews – I’m short. But I could easily pair these jeans with ballerina flats or heels and have the super cute gathering at the bottom that I rarely get to experience.

The photos don’t do these jeans justice, but I assure you, they will nicely compliment your derrière. They don’t heavily crease at the point where your butt meets your upper thigh, which I absolutely love. The amount of stretch is also spot-on. Also, you won’t find yourself having to constantly pull up your pants, which often happens to me in a pair of skinnys. The only thing I’m worried about is how well they will wear over time and whether or not the placement of the rips will cause them to gradually get bigger. But if I walked into a store wanting a new pair of jeans, I would definitely gravitate towards these based on style alone and most definitely purchase them after realizing how well they fit. If you’re not fortunate enough to have a boutique near you carry this particular brand, you can find them here.

Ström Tio Skinny jeans in Jaguar

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