Introducing: Tortoise F/W 2014

I always love to discover new brands, and I love even more when I “fall in love with the brand”, (you know what I mean, right?) Tortoise was a very obvious and perfect “match”. Not only are their jeans extremely edgy, cool, different and super well done, but they are also environmental friendly.

Check out what they are telling us about their brand:

“In addition to producing premium quality jeans, TORTOISE has become a pioneer in the denim industry by adopting the WISER WASH methodology. The WISER WASH process is a mulch-pronged, eco-friendly initiative concentrated on revolutionizing the most environmentally harmful, but essential, step in the process of making jeans – the wash.

“TORTOISE Jeans has replaced traditional wash methods with the patent pending WISER WASH, conducted in conjunction with ECO PRK – our wholly owned wash house in Los Angeles. TORTOISE Jeans is setting a new industry standard to greatly reduce jeans’ environmental foot print through the implementation of the following technology and practices:


“With the introduction of 3.0 EXPOSURE, a revolutionary, patent-pending ozone application, TORTOISE Jeans is initiating a wash revolution. Our wash processes utilize a new generation of ozone technology in place of traditional, outdated methods that use toxic and harmful chemicals. The use and application of the 3.0 Exposure with Starfish Treatment and natural additives require less machine time, lower temperatures and less compound processes. As a result, the energy consumed at TORTOISE Jeans is 85% less than traditional wash facilities.


“A patent-pending process developed as a substitute for the traditional, environmentally harmful stone wash. The elimination of pumice stone is crucial when the ecological impact is considered – excavating the material, processing, transportation and the filthy sludge by product. STARFISH is a locally sourced ingredient that can be used repeatedly, creating zero waste. With the use of STARFISH, we are able to achieve exceptional color highs and lows to produce a wear that simulates an authentic look.

“Nue Water

“A symbiotic relationship with water is what separates TORTOISE Jeans from all commercial garment laundries in the world. All garments that need water for a desired effect are governed by TORTOISE Jeans’ two water management principles.

1) Reduce the total amount of water exposure by eliminating select process cycles and using 80% less water compared to traditional methods and laundries.

2) Every water-involved process yields NUE WATER for future washes. For example, if the total volume of water exposure to a garment is 2 Liters, TORTOISE Jeans’ contained Regenerative H system returns 99% of the 2 Liters of water – NUE WATER, which is then available for the next water-involved washes to come. Zero water is disposed and only NUE WATER is gained in the process.”

You can buy Tortoise jeans here.

Introducing: Tortoise F/W 2014

Introducing: Tortoise F/W 2014