Volcom Holiday 2014 Women's Looks

Volcom has a very nice store in the middle of Soho, on Broadway, here in NYC. Every once in a while, when I happen to pass by, I check out their denim in this store and sometimes even try on a pair of their really cute jeans.

For those of you who are not yet familiar with this brand, here is some info:

“Volcom Clothing is the righteous blend of liberation, innovation and experimentation. We carry the largest selection of the latest Volcom apparel, including Volcom brand jeans and shirts, Volcom hoodies, Volcom t-shirts, Volcom board shorts, snowboard jackets, snowboard pants, Volcom dresses, Volcom hats, beanies and accessories. Remember, ‘the only constant is change.’ Long live the Stone…”

Founded in 1991 by Richard “Wooly” Woolcott and Tucker “T-Dawg” Hall, Volcom was founded on their own experiences with board-sports. In March 1991, the two friends went on a snowboarding trip to Tahoe, U.S., and afterward, they decided to start a clothing company.

Chet Thomas was the first professional skateboarder to be sponsored by the brand. In 1995, Volcom was the first action sports company to create a record label

Volcom’s first retail store was opened on November 23, 2002 in Los Angeles. Since then, seven more Volcom stores have opened in the United States, and six more in Canada.

Women’s Holiday 2014:

“The spirit of the gritty 90’s is still alive. This collection has a renewed fresh appeal combining traditional grunge attire with sweet feminine accents. Striking tribal inspired prints take on a new role when paired against the ultra charming florals throughout this collection. Vibrant reds, indigos, and golden hues capture your attention through the smokey, dimly lit dive bars of the London streets. Pattern and stripe clashing easily pair together to complete the unkempt look of the season. Hints of metal and lace emerge simultaneously oozing that rock n roll elegance we love. Lightweight fabrications with intentional destruction move timeless favorites into a new position perfectly creating a well-worn aesthetic. Delicately disheveled is all about confident self expression. It embodies a modern eclectic approach to traditional grunge generating a rebellious attitude while still holding onto that innocence.”

Volcom Holiday 2014 Women's Looks Volcom Holiday 2014 Women's Looks