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As someone who is utterly obsessed with denim, I obviously have my big name favorites. However, part of the fun of writing for a denim blog is discovering all the new labels that are popping up to grab their slice of the denim market pie. But every now and then you’ll get an existing, well established brand create a new side label in order to appeal to a broader demographic. It’s always fun in this situation to see how these new jeans compare to the jeans of their parent brand! Jerome Dahan, founder of Citizens of Humanity and 7 For All Mankind, has sprouted off yet another brand, aimed at younger consumers with a lower price point. This brand, called A Gold E, was put into my hands for a review, and I’m happy to say I’m impressed! So lets get on with it…here’s an A Gold E Chloe in Laguna review!

A Gold E is new for this year, but Jerome Dahan had the name since the ’90s after he started the brand with bigtime retailer Ron Herman and denim guru Adriano Goldschmied. He left it not long after that to join Lucky Brand, and Goldschmied joined him in 2006 with Citizens of Humanity. Dahan decided to relaunch A Gold E after seeing a void in the market for the 20-30 year olds who want to look stylish on lower budgets, and feeling inspiration from the young California surfer life. In an interview with Racked, Dahan stated, “My goal is to create a product range that is modern (think slimmer fits) stylish, versatile and is for sure influenced by California. Jeans are part of the American lifestyle and now can be worn everywhere. [A Gold E] is a brand that allows each person to add their own personal style and serves as the foundation for a way of dressing and living. The product is designed and made in Los Angeles, something that I am very proud of.” As soon as I was introduced to the brand and read about its history, I was anxious to check it out!

A Gold E Chloe in Laguna Review - Back Angle View 2

At first, I went with my normal size of 26 for this review, but they were so tight I couldn’t pull them up! I had to size up to a 27…no big deal, just know this if you intend to get a pair! This might also be because I have a good amount of muscle tone and these jeans don’t have a lot of stretch, but the waistband wasn’t too large when I sized up. The Chloe in Laguna is a classic dark blue jean with orange contrast stitching, fading and whiskering in a true vintage style. I love the clean back pockets with a large top hem, which are a little larger and placed lower which often tends to make behinds look smaller and more lifted! There really is no brand identification apart from an embroidered gold “E” on a little black tab on the right hip by the pocket, an embossed fly button and the usual tag on the back of the waistband on the inside. It’s a nice clean jean, and the fit is great! I’ve worn them several times due to how comfortable and easy to style they are. With a cotton blend of 90% cotton, 6% eme and 4% elastane, they stretch out just a little to accommodate you, and although they were a more snug fit when I put them on, they only softened up a little to become more comfortable and have not become saggy at all. The knees did become a bit more shapely but it’s not that noticeable. I don’t need a belt with these at all, and the modest rise of 7.25″ is perfect for a curvier figure like mine. The Chloe is a skinny jean, but it’s a looser skinny, meaning it does have a little more room in the knees and have an 11 3/4″ opening, unlike a lot of the super skinny jeans or leggings out there today. They hit at my ankles with a 30″ inseam so they’ll make great summer jeans when that time of the year rolls around again! For now, they fit nicely into my boots. The fabric seems to be a medium weight…not super thin but not heavy either, which I think makes them even more versatile when it comes to wearing them season-to-season. They’ve kept me cozy as the temperature finally drops a little here in California, but they weren’t keeping me too hot when it was warmer out!

If you are in the market for a basic but high end jean that will last you through all seasons, the A Gold E Chloe in Laguna is a great bet, but the brand in general is a good brand to keep in mind! It’s still in the premium denim price range, at $138, but not as high as some of its counterparts in 7 For All Mankind and Citizens of Humanity. I’d say it’s a great mid-range premium jean, if you want to stay high end but just want to go a little lower in price. As mentioned, they are great for any season, and are basic enough with some classic detailing that well help you top off any outfit. All in all, you can’t go wrong with A Gold E! I mean, how could you, with Jerome Dahan anyway?

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