Bethnals Pete Skinny Jeans in Clean Black

Guys, do you remember Lisette’s post about Bethnals – Kickstarter campaign that launched in London last summer? You probably do as Bethnals had a very interesting concept that’s hard to forget – unisex apparel including denim! With the tagline, “find the best jeans for you, not your gender” Bethnals says that you and your guy can wear the very same pair of jeans (of course if you are somewhat close in size). Although for my hubby and I that isn’t really an option I was very excited to check out the brand’s denim strictly from a woman’s perspective and I ended up being quite impressed.

For my review I was sent a pair of Pete skinnies and I must say that I had a few reservations before I got them. At the end of the day men and women have very different bodies so how can one jean accommodate both of them equally? I was concerned that these jeans wouldn’t show off my shape and flatten everything out without being constructed specifically for a woman’s figure. Well that wasn’t the case at all – when I tried Bethnals Pete they fit great just like other “normal” skinnies in my closet! I was happy to discover that its cut was flattering and comfortable – the jeans definitely felt like “mine” and not borrowed or shared. The Pete features a medium rise (more on the higher side) that besides being quite forgiving also offers you a few different options of how to wear them – slightly slouchy for a relaxed look or tighter like a traditional legging. This is very smart and convenient considering the unisex nature of the style! The unusual button-fly on a skinny is kind of cool and unexpected and also suggests a unisex vibe.

I was very pleased with Bethnals jeans in general. Besides a great fit they also feature great quality and attention to detail which you will notice right away. Everything from the oversized front pockets (perfect for guys as they always carry so much stuff) to the chambray piping on the inside seams that show when the jeans are cuffed was  thoroughly thought out to give you versatility and practicality combined with unique design touches.

The 94% cotton, 4% polyester and 2% lycra denim is very comfy and ultra stretchy which is super important especially for a unisex style as it will help the jean to adjust and mold to your body whether you are a man or a woman. It also has great shape retention which eliminates bagging out and sliding down – the 2 most annoying things that can happen in a pair of denim.

Bethnals sizing is very different from what we are used to and consists of six waist sizes from 26 to 36 with a few inseam variations for each. I received my jeans in a 26/30 and as you can see they fit me perfectly which makes me think that they run 1-1.5 sizes smaller. However I can’t say anything else about the rest of the size range – it’s possible that it straightens out as the sizes get larger.

Girls (and guys 🙂 ) Bethnals is definitely a brand to check out! Their bold and audacious idea is executed on the highest level and they deserve a huge round of applause!

Bethnals Pete Skinny Jeans in Clean Black are available here.

Bethnals Pete Skinny Jeans in Clean Black

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