Black Iron Clothing Knucklehead jeans

Many people are passionate about denim, a fact you can clearly see in the new and ever popular world of crowdfunding. However, once in a while someone comes along and reminds us that a handful of people still like to do it the “old school” way with personal commitment and dedication. Enter Tomas and My with Black Iron Clothing.

If you want to see the full story of what went on to make Black Iron Clothing a brand, read about it here. But to keep things simple and focused on reviewing the jeans, let’s jump into the Black Iron Clothing Knucklehead jeans which only had a limited production run of 100 pairs.

First off, I cannot talk about these jeans without addressing how they are delivered. Without a doubt, hands-down, the most amazing personal packaging I have ever seen. If you had any doubt that these were in fact a limited edition, those thoughts disappear as soon as you hold the package for the first time. A heavy brown wrapping is held together with hand-tied twine nicely tied off at each end with brass charms fashioned after the company’s logo – a pair of brass knuckle and scissors. Once unwrapped, I found the personalized individually numbered certificate of authenticity signed by both founders, Tomas and his now wife My. I am sorry but Black Iron Clothing as now set the bar extremely high for any “limited” or “exclusive” pair of jeans. This type of personal care and presentation is what I will be expecting all the time. When you buy something labeled as limited edition, you absolutely want to feel like it truly is handcrafted and made personally for you – mission accomplished.

Now, the saying goes, “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover” regardless of how beautiful that cover appears. That means we have to look down at the denim and see if this is all flash and no fit.

I have to admit that originally I was expecting the rigid heavy raw denim that would take a month to break in and soften up. It is listed as a 13 oz Japanese raw denim, so I was shocked when I felt the softness on the Black Iron Clothing Knucklehead jeans. This was not the traditional raw denim I was used to but a fabric that did feel like luxury and one that could be worn comfortably right away. I would classify the fit on the Knucklehead as a straight mid-rise fit that fits true to size. Like most raw denim, the jeans come in a set inseam, this time being 35” so they definitely need either hemming or a few folds. But what really makes these jeans are the details.

Let’s run through the details that makes these jeans truly special. The copper rivets and buttons match wonderfully to the uniqueness of the jeans. The numerous buttons along the waistband that made me want to run out to the nearest store to pick up a pair of braces (or suspenders) just because I finally could. No longer having to use those cheap metal alligator clips to hold the braces up but work quality copper buttons. Next is the lining in the back pockets that again speaks to the fact every details was thought about, every stitch has a purpose. The last detail in the construction can be found on the inside where you can list your entire denim journey. Black Iron Clothing listed every milestone you should keep track of to share your denim story for years to come.

Bottom line: The Black Iron Clothing Knucklehead jeans are the shining example of what a limited edition piece of denim should be. The fit is a straight leg that would be perfect for guys looking for more room in their jeans. I always prefer a slimmer fit for my go-to jeans but this is one that I am very excited to have in my collection. I don’t know how many pairs are left, but with only 100 in total, pick up a pair here if you are interested.

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Black Iron Clothing Knucklehead jeans

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