Citizens of Humanity S/S '15 Women

Once more, the newest Citizens of Humanity collection, does not disappoint. Very much on the contrary, it is a complete collection, which includes all denim styles, the skinnies, boyfriends, and flares, just to mention a few. And I love that CoH is expanding into a  lifestyle brand, as they have started to add complementary clothing into their collection. Perfect, to combine with the CoH denim.

“For Spring 2015, founder Jerome Dahan, and Women’s Creative Director Catherine Ryu, have designed two fashion stories: 90’s Sport and Cargo. And continuing on from the success of the Premium Vintage denim comes the launch of a new sub-collection called Premium Vintage SURPLUS – a 3-5-piece collection of vintage military-inspired bottoms and jackets.

In terms of washes, the denim assortment focuses on authentic light vintage and powdery shades, and “dirty” washes. The “dirty” wash is a garment dye process using organic mineral tints, which cast the denim to achieve an aged look.

As for silhouettes, the flare is back! The collection includes a package of flares ranging from the iconic CHARLIE that has a sexy-casual distressed feel, to the introduction of the high rise 70’s-inspired FLEETWOOD flare, and the re-issue of several iconic flare styles from the Citizens of Humanity archives including the FAY and the DRAGONFLY.

The 90’s Sport collection is all about the blending of sports details with denim to add street edge for a fresh and youthful feel. There is a play on proportion, as seen by wearing the over-sized baggy silhouette of the KYLIE drawstring pant pared back with the shrunken DAKOTA denim jacket.

The Cargo collection showcases the new utilitarian look that is sophisticated with an urban edge. The colors of khaki, sand and black are seen in the new slouchy slim CASBAH pant, and the karate GI-inspired KYLIE jacket: a new take on the traditional military shirt.

The Premium Vintage collection has become an iconic part of the Citizens of Humanity brand, and features the most authentic washes in the collection. It’s all about creating the ultimate loved-in pieces. For Spring, inspiration comes from a trip to Tokyo and a visit to a Japenese textile museum detailing the history of Boro. “Boro” means clothes that are patched-up and repaired many times and Was born of forgotten values of clothes being ‘too good to waste’. The LI wrap jacket, ZOEY poncho and EMERSON in Arroyo Mended were all inspired by this concept.

A new addition to the Premium Vintage product offering is the capsule collection Premium Vintage SURPLUS. Layering on 3-5 vintage-inspired surplus pieces to complement the range of authentic denim offered in Premium Vintage, this is a capsule that will continue into coming seasons.”

Citizens of Humanity S/S '15 Women

Citizens of Humanity S/S '15 Women