Denham Razor Slim Fit B2Y jeans

Founded in 2008, Denham has been gaining tons of respect among the denim industry elite. Known more so for their washes and unique details, it is hard to talk to anyone in the denim circle and not hear Jason Denham’s name. I mean, with his name Jason was practically born with a head start into the denim world. So I thought it was my turn to give them a go and review the Denham Razor Slim Fit B2Y jeans.

Right at the start I noticed these were a slight departure from the typical Denham jeans. One detail that makes it easy to spot a pair of Denham jeans is the seven point back pockets, which is missing from the Denham Razor Slim Fit B2Y jeans. The reason behind that is because the brand recently launched the Category 5 collection which references back to the classic 5 pocket (in number) and the 5 point back pocket jeans. Luckily, Denham did not lose all the other small touches that makes owning a pair from the brand so special.

Turning the jeans inside out reveals that just as much thought went into the inside as it did the outside. Starting on the inside, the pocket bag are stamped repeatedly with the tailoring scissors logo, which is also printed on the inside yoke. The waistband is lined with a contrasting fabric, also showing the Denham name stitched across. Then the inside of the back pockets are lined with fabric and reinforced to help prevent holes or rips when storing a wallet or phone. Lastly, for the inside at least, you find the rarely seen one piece button fly. All symbols of care and craftsmanship.

Then move to the outside and the B2Y wash showcases, once again, how the Italians are unmatched when it comes to authentic wear patterns. With the Denham Razor Slim Fit B2Y jeans, the brand tries to replicate what a normal pair of jeans would look like after two years of regular wear. The result is everything you would expect – the honeycombs on the back of the knees is as real as it gets, the frayed edges around the front pockets is not overdone and even the stacking down at the bottom is just noticeable from a distance. I will say it now and I know I will say it again, Italian washing just can’t be beat.

Down to the fit, the Denham Razor Slim Fit B2Y jeans could be used as a template for how slim fit jeans should be judged. Not 100% perfect, but pretty damn close. I went true to size with a 32 waist and 32 length and everything fit very comfortably. The legs are slim but not tight which leaves a little extra space to bend and move around without stretching the knees. The slim fit could also offer a nice reprieve for those days where you just don’t feel like wearing skinny jeans or slim trousers. One thing to keep in mind, this will not be the pair of jeans you “dress up” for work or a night out so I would not recommend pairing them with anything but a nice casual pair of Converse or Vans.

Bottom line: When looking for a truly authentic worn in pair of jeans, I would highly recommend considering the Denham Razor Slim Fit B2Y jeans. These jeans fit true to size so no need to size down or worry about feeling constricted. Admire all the small details that will give you the confidence you have a well crafted pair of jeans that should last you quite some time. Take a look at not only the B2Y wash but everything in the new Category 5 collection here.

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Denham Razor Slim Fit B2Y jeans

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