Hudson Kids "Collin" Skinny Jeans Review

Hey everyone! It’s Jen, Courtney’s mom, and we’re back with another kid’s denim review featuring Hudson Jeans. You might have seen our last denim review HERE, where Courtney wore a distressed pair of skinny jeans. Today we’re reviewing the Hudson Kids “Collin” Skinny Jeans (also available HERE and HERE).

Unlike the distressed style we reviewed last time, this “Collin” style is definitely more of a classic style skinny jean. This is a popular style for Hudson and comes in a variety of washes and colors. Even though Courtney is wearing the same size in this style as she was in the previous style (3T), I found that this style stretched out a little and resulted in a baggier fit. Courtney is still wearing training diapers, so it does help fill the jeans. This style also has hidden adjustable inner straps at the waist, just like the previous style, which I love. It really helps you to achieve a snug fit that doesn’t require the use of a belt. When you’re potty training, you definitely don’t want to have to put a belt on your child. You want bottoms that can slip on and off with ease.

This style has a 22 inch inseam, a tad longer than the previous style. I cuffed these jeans at the ankles, as I did with the previous style, because I didn’t want the jeans to bunch at her ankles. I also happen to like the cuffed ankle look, especially on little kids. I also like the darker wash in this style. The majority of the washes Courtney owns are medium blue or lighter in color, so this was a nice change. I also think a darker wash is better for dressier looks.

These jeans are comprised of 98% cotton and 2% elastane. They had great stretch, but as I said above I did notice that they stretched out a bit through the day. The previous pair we reviewed held it’s shape the entire day of wear. I won’t complain though because my two requirements are that she is comfortable and that her jeans stay on her waist.

I really think Courtney will be able to wear these jeans all winter season and into spring. She is growing fast, but since she is potty training and will soon be out of diapers, she will have much more room to fill in her jeans. Also, the adjustable inner straps at the waist really help and allow you to adjust for a looser or snugger fit.

As you can probably tell by these photos, Courtney is one active toddler and the day we took her pics she was on the go and would not stand still for long. It’s good to know that these jeans are comfortable enough for her to run around at the park, and don’t restrict her movement in any way.

I think my favorite detail about this style, versus the previous style, is the classic snap-flap pockets that Hudson Jeans is known for. I think it’s super cute on her little toosh. 🙂

If you’re after a classic pair of denim for your toddler, that will move with them and grow with them, I highly recommend the Hudson Kids “Collin” Skinny Jeans.


Hudson Kids "Collin" Skinny Jeans Review