Invista - Warmth without Weight

Just as we approach the cold season, Invista Lycra® gives us some warmth and comfort YAY! They have come up with the THERMOLITE® FABRIC just in time for us to be able to continue wearing our denim AND be WARM!! Check this out:

• Traps warmth from the body through the use of hollow core fibers
• Helps keep the wearer comfortable
• Dries quicker than denim made of 100% cotton

The fibers have a hollow core and low effective fiber density which traps the warmth from the body and holds it to keep the wearer comfortable.

“Today’s lifestyle trends are expanding the boundaries for denim fabrics. Denim has made its way into outdoor apparel for activities like hiking, biking and even rock climbing.

“In a recent global study, 26% of male respondents indicated they would be extremely interested in jeans that could help them stay warm in the winter. Rather than heavy, bulky jeans, consumers appreciate the lightweight warmth and comfort that jeans with THERMOLITE® fabric can provide.”

And the good news is that we can get these jeans now for the guys and for the ladies.

We are going to tell you more about them – Joe’s is one fab brand that has included the THERMOLITE® FABRIC as part of their “stay warm” capsule collection. And for women as well! We will be reviewing them here @denimology and you will be able to check out for yourself the amazingly fantastic possibility of staying warm AND looking cool (pun intended!).