Joe's Jeans Fahrenheit Straight Leg Classic Cullen Denim - front

To give you a little bit of background about me, I’m Brendan. A 27 year-old computer engineer who loves sports (if you couldn’t tell by my Arizona Cardinals jersey in this post). I also have an enthusiasm for technology and fashion (shoes in particular). I got involved with Denimology via my older sister, Jennifer (of Belle de Couture).

Before receiving the Joe’s Jeans Farenheit Straight Leg Classic Cullen Denim  I didn’t quite know what to expect, by reading “Fahrenheit: The Jean That Keeps You Warm”. Honestly, I figured it was just another pair of jeans with a high price tag. But before I even put the pants on I knew they were different, like no other jeans I had worn before. At first touch the material is somewhat stretchy, not too stretchy like a pair of basketball shorts, but stretchy enough where there’s no need to unbutton these pants after stuffing your face. They fit pretty true to size, and there is some leeway with the elasticity of the fabric, so even if you were to put on a little weight around the gut, I don’t see that being a problem with these jeans.

In addition to the stretchy-ness of the jeans, the next thing I noticed completely sold me on them. The looked like denim, but felt like I was wearing a pair of sweatpants. Honestly, that comfortable. Every Friday at my work is considered “Jeans Friday”, typically by the time I get home the first thing I do is change right into basketball shorts, because at that point in the day I am sick and tired of the feeling of my jeans after 10 hours. With Joe’s Fahrenheit jeans I never once throughout the day felt uncomfortable, or the desire to strip down into my boxers like with my other jeans.

The best part was they are stylish along with the great comfort. A win-win if you ask me. This particular pair is a very classic look, not much design or flash, but I liked that. Also the color was somewhat unique. The Cullen is a very, very dark blue, with some black tint. So at a glance the jeans can appear to look almost black, but I can assure you they are just very dark blue.

As far as “The Jean That Keeps You Warm”, it’s true, I did notice that these jeans did keep me significantly warmer. So they might not be the best option in a warmer environment, but hey, that’s not what they are intended for. These are perfect for a chilly day, I don’t see any problems staying warm with these on.

All in all the Joe’s Fahrenheit Jeans are EXTREMELY comfortable, I’d be really surprised if I didn’t get my self a couple more pairs in the other styles.

The Joe’s Jeans Farenheit Straight Leg Classic Cullen Denim are available HERE

Joe's Jeans Fahrenheit Straight Leg Classic Cullen Denim - back view