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Tribeca Jeans Jackson Slender Fit Jeans Review

Tribeca Jeans Jackson Slender Fit Jeans Review

Tribeca Jeans Jackson fit

The word “forgettable” often carries the heavy load of negativity, however, with the Tribeca Jeans Jackson Slender fit jeans forgettable takes on a whole new meaning.

Let me start by explaining what I mean. At first glance there is nothing really special that set these jeans apart; blue washed jeans, slim fit, no flashy stitching or label, just a seemingly classic looking pair of jeans. But when I say forgettable I mean once you have them on, you will forget that you are wearing jeans at all. I have to admit, as much as I love denim, when it is raining, cold and dark outside, I can’t pass up a good pair of sweatpants. Especially on a Sunday afternoon when the football games are about to start. So the first time I worn the Tribeca Jeans Jackson Slender fit jeans it so happened to be on a Sunday that was, you guessed it, raining, cold and dark. But on this particular Sunday I chose to forgo the sweats and keep on the denim. Despite all my yelling and jumping and lounging at all angles on the couch, I still forgot that I was not in my trusty Sunday sweats but in this new pair of jeans. To me, that speaks volumes to the level of comfort for the Jackson fit.

The waist was a great fit and moved with my body never once pinching or cutting into my hips. The seat actually is the best fitting part of the jeans. Now I have admitted before I don’t have much in the ass department, but this fit seemed to give me a little hug around the area. The fit leaves a little to be desired in the leg department for me and my toothpick stems. But for guys with bigger thighs, you would fill them out nicely without sacrificing comfort. I would imagine the Jackson fit was made for the 501 wearer that wants to update their style a notch or two by introducing a more tailored look. I went with a 32/32 and can safely say Tribeca Jeans fit true to size…….and finally another brand that allows me to chose my size without running to the tailor. I swear I am putting someone’s kid through college with all the jeans I need hemmed.

From the look perspective, the wash easily reminds you of a worn in pair that has been with you for years. I would actually compare this particular wash to something of a 3 year variety. Fading on the legs and a few slight abrasions around the front pockets. Nothing fancy, nothing overdone. . To me, this is the modern day slimmed down 501®, plain and simple.

All of this combines to create a forgettable jean in most positive way.

Bottom line: Another every man jean that spans markets, style and body type. The Tribeca Jeans Jackson Slender fit is the updated version of the Levi’s® 501® that is hard to pass up. These jeans can easily be dressed up or down with a cotton shirt and sweater for the upcoming fall months. Tribeca offers a few different washes so take a look and see if there is one for you.

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Tribeca Jeans Jackson fit

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