Choose the Right Back Pockets

When you go shopping for new jeans, one of the first things you do when trying on a pair, is to turn your back to the mirror, to check out your butt. That’s because you already know the right jeans can do wonders for your backside, and the wrong ones can make it look terrible. Finding flattering jeans for your figure that create a great rear view can be quite frustrating if you don’t know what style details to look for. Here’s a guide to the jeans back pockets that flatter different body shapes, so you can find the best pair of jeans to flatter your butt.

Flat Butt

Choose the Right Back Pockets

Flat-bottomed girls can give their butt a boost by choosing the right jeans back pockets. Avoid too baggy boyfriend styles. The overly relaxed fit has the effect of dragging down a flatter behind. Opt for tighter-fitting styles instead, to shape and lift your posterior.

Flap pockets, especially those, that feature feature buttons, contrast stitching, jewels, embroidery, or other detailing, are great for giving the illusion of a rounder rear. Get a super flattering effect from flap pockets that taper into a point. These pockets place the emphasis on the top of your butt, where you need more “volumizing”.

Besides flap style pockets, you can look for jeans with back pockets that are placed higher on the rear and tilted slightly outward, to give your butt a lifted appearance. Make sure the bottom of back pockets never sit lower than the bottom curve of your butt (where your butt cheeks meet your legs), as this will give your flat butt a droopy appearance.

Have a big butt?

Choose the Right Back Pockets

If you want to minimize a bigger behind, begin by avoiding any details that can add unwanted bulk to your rear view. Skip flap pockets, overly embroidered designs, and anything that calls extra attention to your back pockets. Pay attention to the scale of your pockets, too. Skip small back pockets that can make a bigger backside appear even larger, by exaggerating its size.

Instead, choose plain, or only lightly embroidered, wide back pockets that sit lower on your butt, which will help to flatten out. Look for big back pockets that balance your size, and make sure they give you plenty of coverage. Back pockets on jeans for you should start mid-way down your butt, and end at the tops of thighs.

Big pockets positioned close together can also help to take the focus off the width of your backside.

Wide Butt:

 Back Pockets

If your butt is wide, keep things simple by choosing jeans with basic, mid-size back pockets that sit in the center of the butt cheeks at their widest, or ideally, closer together. These back pockets will work well with the scale of your body and draw attention toward the middle of your rear end, creating the illusion of a narrower behind. You can help create a slimmer butt, too, by always opting for darker washes of jeans, and avoiding detailing or embroidery on the back pockets

And here’s a NO-NO!

No Back Pockets

Sorry, but I’ve got news for you, jeans without back pockets make even the best backsides increase in size twofold. Whatever your butt shape, choosing jeans with a flattering rear view also means knowing what to avoid. You should never buy jeans with no back pockets, which not only would look bad, but can look cheap or trashy.