Edwin ED-80 Slim Tapered jeans

Like me, you may know the denim brand Edwin primarily for Japanese selvage jeans – rainbow selvage to be exact. Since 1963 (had to verify that on their website) Edwin has produced recognizable selvage jeans by using a colorful rainbow selvage edge easily visible on the jeans upturned cuffs. I was expecting to take on a pair of these popular selvage jeans in this review but instead I had the opportunity to explore the brand’s non-selvage denim with the Edwin ED-80 Slim Tapered denim.

Edwin has a large number of fits – 8 to be exact – but as always, I wanted to go with one of the slimmer styles. My biggest surprise with the ED-80 fit is the way the leg actually tapers down to the ankle. I have tried a few different slim tapered fits but they never really seem to cut in at the ankles for that perfect fit I had envisioned. That is one of the main reasons why I love skinny jeans. They always fit tighter at the bottom of the legs which works for the stacked leg look or the rolled cuff look. If the bottoms are too wide it tends to throw off the proportions completely. So back to the Edwin ED-80 Slim Tapered denim, which to cut it short, is a true tapered fit. The tapered leg is not a drastic cut that starts at the calf, but one that gradually gets slimmer the entire length of the leg. Resulting in a perfectly tailored leg from top to bottom. It completely changes the look. Meaning I can wear these jeans with a shirt and blazer or with a simple sweater for a more casual look.

The rest of the fit and look aren’t anything to dismiss either. The longer yoke helps create a more roomy fit in the butt and crotch while still maintaining the slim fit on the thighs. This fit also positions the back pockets a bit lower so a wallet won’t bend in a weird way by sitting so high up on my ass. The fabric itself feels lighter than it actually is helping to keep these as a year round option. The dark wash also has a great sheen with a tendency to look a little more “grown up” compared to other standard denim jeans on the market.

One small detail that seemed a bit out of place was the contrasting stitching along the back pockets. I don’t mind when brands have such a stark contrast, Nudie Jeans comes to mind, but for some reason it didn’t really seem to fit here. On a lighter or more heavily washed pair I think the stitching would blend in nicely, but on this dark almost shiny finish, it took something away from the overall appearance. Again, a small detail but one worth mentioning.

The last thing I wanted to mention is the actual price range on Edwin. I always pictured Edwin as a true premium brand, but after looking at the prices I was really surprised. Where other brands tend to start in the 150-200 euro range, Edwin has non-selvage and selvage options closer to 100-130 euro. So that tends to sway my opinion for going out and grabbing a few more pairs.

Bottom line: The Edwin ED-80 Slim Tapered jeans are a solid option to add to your closet. The tapered fit works well with any pair of shoes and the darker wash pairs perfectly with a dressed up or casual wardrobe. The fit is true to size and looks great from day one. So even though the Edwin ED-80 Slim Tapered jeans aren’t the rainbow selvage type that helped the brand reach popularity, they are still a great show of quality and tailoring not many brands can match.

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Edwin ED-80 Slim Tapered jeans

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