Emma Stone in Super Flare Jeans

Emma Stone and her boyfriend, Andrew Garfield, were snapped holding hands, as they were walking in New York City. Emma was wearing a pair of super flare medium wash jeans – a very 70’s vibe! She wore her jeans absolutely right for this style – flares should actually drag on the floor!

Emma paired her flares with a grey turtleneck sweater and a black coat, and topped off her outfit with a cute pink beanie.

Flare jeans are currently very trendy, they have been “coming back” for quite a few seasons now, but I feel that they are only really “catching on” this season. Walking on the streets, and also inside, at bars and restaurants, I have been spotting a lot of flares here in NYC. Most of the ones I see are a bit more moderate, in the sense that they are not quiteas flared as the ones Emma is wearing.

You can buy flare jeans here.

Emma Stone in Super Flare Jeans


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