HIUT - Selvedge Jeans Broken in - and Worn

I just read about this today and I thought it was a super cool and kickass idea! And yes, I WOULD BUY! Oh man, it’s worth it, all the time that I would otherwise have to spend trying to get these jeans to look worn in. And I know myself well enough, I wouldn’t last long before throwing them into the washer, d’ooh LOL.

So there you are, this is absolutely do-able and if you have the loot, and are a denim head, GO for it!!

“Would you pay £200 for jeans that have already been worn for SIX MONTHS?

Hiut is a Welsh denim brand based in Cardigan in west Wales. Eco-friendly jeans are worn for six months before being sold. The jeans are made of selvedge denim and are “like cardboard” when first made. Once worn in, they are soft, comfortable and fashionably distressed.

Everyone loves a brand new pair of jeans but wearing them in can be a pain – literally. Not a problem anymore, right! Hiut, which is based in Cardigan in west Wales, employs 50 ‘denim breakers’ who wear each pair of jeans for six months before they are sold.

The first batch of pre-worn jeans, all of which have been thoroughly washed, were auctioned off just now, but more will follow should the venture prove a success.

Let’s keep an eye on this brand and maybe we can get lucky in the future and score one of these babies! Or, if you are patient enough and ready to enure pains and discomfort for a short time, then you can buy your very own pair, unused and brand new in a store.

The environmentally-friendly distressing method is the brainchild of David Hieatt, who, with his wife Clare, founded the company in 2011.

“The idea is that they the breakers wear the jeans in for us and then we sell them on,” explained Mr Hieatt.

“We’ve just about got them all back. We’re washing them – well, a guy who has been washing jeans for 30 years is – and we’ll auction them off.

The idea is that you break the denim in for the customer. It’s an experiment but so far, so good.”

HIUT - Selvedge Jeans Broken in - and Worn HIUT - Selvedge Jeans Broken in - and Worn