Introducing: Grace in LA

Sometimes we are just so in the mood for some sparkle in our lives….and especially in drab and grey winter days. There are times like this when we’re jonesing for something more than just a clean, no frills denim look. So it’s cool to be able to change into something more – how should I say – alluring?! So what’s super different about Grace in LA is exactly their back pockets. They are embellished, have flaps and even little stones sewn into them. It’s a great choice for the ladies who sometimes want to dress up their denim. Oh and, not just ladies, Grace in LA also includes denim for little girls, as you can see in their lookbook here. Their sizes range from kiddies and juniors to plus sizes.

About Grace in LA:

“Grace in LA was founded in 2008. Our target market is young women between the ages of 20 and 35. The Grace in our name represents the feminine, confident, unique, and elegant women who wear our brand. Los Angeles is a city for the dreamer, the open-minded, and the glamorous, and high quality, contemporary jeans that we make reflect the L.A. lifestyle.

What sets us apart is that all of our jeans come with detailed embellishments on the pockets. We have many different styles, so we like to think that every girl can find a jean that is perfect for her. We understand that not every girl who wears our jeans lives in L.A., so we like to think that her clothes are a reflection of her hometown fashion combined with our contemporary style. Because of our embellishments, we are also embraced by the bohemian crowd who like to wear something “different”.”

Introducing: Grace in LA Introducing: Grace in LA