Lena Dunham in Too Tight Jeggings

Lena Dunham flashed some (ahem, a lot of) midriff, as she was arriving at her doctor’s office in New York City’s Upper West Side. This is a classic example of what you need to avoid when buying your jeggings or skinny jeans. They should not make your midriff bulge over the waistband. They should be higher waisted and more form fitting, so you can avoid embarrassing sights like that. At any rate, I believe Lena would have been better off, choosing a pair of skinny jeans instead of jeggings, as these tend to “hold you in”  much more than jeggings.

Sorry, Lena, I suggest you should read some Denimology to find out which is the best fitting jean for your body type! 🙂

You can find great fitting skinny jeans at Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom and Shopbop, among many other stores.


  1. I think this write-up on Lena’s outfit is very poor and also ignorant. The jeggings aren’t too tight on her as she is clearly adjusting them by pulling them up from the back. Also you can see the slack at the back of the knee which is something that would not be present if the jeggings were too small for her. She’s a curvy girl to begin with so no matter the rise of her jeans her midriff is not going to be flat…the jeggings aren’t causing her bulge especially because the fabric looks soft like maybe an indigo knit. Finally, she’s going to the doctor’s office so I think it’s safe to assume she wore what was most comfortable for her. If you’re going to write about denim perhaps you should study denim and fashion in general a bit more.

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