Levi's® - Field of Jeans

In an attempt to encourage wearers to donate their jeans to centers such as Goodwill, Levi’s® has collected 18,850 pairs of jeans and covered an entire football field with them. Thousands of tons of textile waste fills up landfill sites every year, so efforts like this help to promote a sustainable lifestyle, a sustainable business model for Levi’s, and create jobs through the Goodwill training program, which is funded by the re-sale of donated clothing.

In 2013, the San Francisco 49ers announced that the team’s new digs in Santa Clara, California, would be named Levi’s Stadium, following a $220.3 million naming-rights deal negotiated between San Francisco-based Levi Strauss, the Niners organization and the city of Santa Clara. Wry observers christened the new stadium the “Field of Jeans,” and Levi’s recently pulled off a project that made the nickname a reality, covering the playing field with over 18,850 pairs of jeans, donated by Bay Area residents over a two-week span. The resulting sea of indigo was used to demonstrate the importance of recycling, with the donated jeans going to Goodwill to benefit the nonprofit’s local job training programs. Check out the time-lapse video below, and go here to learn more about the project.