New Denim Brand to Stock Up On: BLUER

Ever since we first posted about BLUER denim, and ever since I tried on my first pair of their selvedge jeans for women, I have been hooked on this brand. These were the very first selvedge jeans that were super soft and comfortable and made for a chick’s body. Before that, whenever I was looking for selvedge jeans, I had to content myself with men’s jeans. Nothing wrong with this, especially since “borrowed from the boys” is super trend-on and edgy. But sometimes I just feel like dressing up a bit and I so am not into skinny stretchy jeans. The Bluer boy-fit jeans enter right there. Not too skinny, not too baggy, just perfect for dressing up and looking edgy, especially with the hem rolled up, showing the tell-tale red selvedge stitches.

Now, one of the biggest fashion websites, Refinery 29, has declared Bluer to be one of the 6 brands they have chosen as “new denim brands to stock up on”. Congratulations, Bluer!

“Founded in 2013 by Jeff Shafer, Bluer denim is designed out of Portland, Oregon — but, like the supreme frontrunners in its industry, the denim line manufactures each handmade pair in Los Angeles. In addition to its sustainable re-purposing methods and unique, free home try-on service, the line also prides itself on its”buy one, give one” philanthropic business model: For every pair of jeans you purchase, the company will buy one of your old pairs for $5, clean them, and donate them to someone in need.”

You can buy BLUER jeans on their website.